5 Advantages of Cloud-Based ERP Systems

Are you considering moving your ERP functions to the cloud?

You’ll need to consider some factors to get the most out of your cloud-based system. 

Making the move helps your business stay ahead of the curve, and it lets you provide better service at a lower cost. Check out these five reasons to consider switching from on-premises.

1. Savings. A cloud-hosted ERP provides scalable computing power while lowering the cost of physical data storage and other IT infrastructure. 

With pay-as-you-go billing, use only what you need with the ability to add more when needed. Forget the ongoing costs for server hardware, power consumption, and routine maintenance. 

2. Connectivity. The cloud promotes better collaboration within your business by connecting your team more efficiently. Slow servers and bad network connections can’t slow you down anymore. Instead, take advantage of the cloud for a seamless experience. 

3. Reliability. You can have the most powerful cloud-based ERP system available, but if it’s not reliable, all those great features won’t be worth much. Most cloud providers will offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that commits them to standards for uptime. Microsoft’s Azure, for example, makes its SLA easy to find, and it clearly outlines the expected reliability of each facet of the entire platform. (Like Microsoft, Amazon and Google also promise 99.9% uptime in their SLAs.)

4. Security. To guarantee the security of your data, all third-party cloud providers must comply with the regulatory mandates in their industry. That means your data is secure, and all partners or customers must be verified before using it. Enjoy decreasing the potential for hackers, viruses, and other cybersecurity issues.

5. Efficiency and speed. Deploy cloud-based services in hours, not days, to take advantage of your new ERP as soon as possible. 

After migrating to the cloud, your organization no longer needs to worry about power requirements, having enough space, or expensive computer hardware. Stay focused on the areas bringing revenue to your business, not on IT.

When in doubt, investigate!

If you aren’t sure if your current system has the features mentioned above, explore Cavallo Distribution Cloud, sales and order management software built by distributors for distributors.