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Automate Your EDI and Leave Manual Order Entry Behind

If you currently or plan to sell to retailers, then there’s no doubt that you’ll be using EDI, Electronic Data Interchange, to facilitate transactions. If you want to ease communication with your trading partners, you can benefit immensely from SalesPad by Cavallo® EDI. Enable that communication channel and drive more revenue without adding significant effort. Transform the way you do EDI with automated workflows, fewer clicks, significantly less waiting waste, and fewer opportunities for human error.

Manual Order Entry and Waiting Waste

EDI is the platform through which trading partners and vendors communicate and share information about orders, shipping, invoices, and more. Throughout the customer-to-cash cycle, EDI is an essential component in your business. However, many users find themselves spending hours each day manually retrieving orders from retailer order portals, processing orders into the system, and waiting for transactions to go through before they can do anything else.

Where SalesPad Comes in

SalesPad’s automation capabilities allow you to set up workflows to automatically trigger each EDI transaction, negating the need to constantly monitor the network all day. You can configure the workflow in accordance with your business rules, and thus ensure that all the information being exchanged is accurate without the cumbersome task of manually entering it all.

With SalesPad EDI, your order processing is not dependent on a user to take action at every step in the process. Rather, it runs in the background while you go about your day, collecting the orders and processing them with workflow rules, enabling you to be more productive and direct your energy elsewhere.

Electronically accepting the orders is not only more accurate, it’s not reliant on a person to handle a task. So with the fast, accurate handling of the transaction in SalesPad, coupled with the validations performed by SPS Commerce, you can virtually eliminate chargebacks.

Getting SalesPad solely for EDI is a worthwhile investment because of the amount of time it can save you and what you’re able to do with [it].— Hank Murphy, IT Manager at Handi-Craft Company

Join the Industry’s Largest EDI Network of Trading Partners

We partner with SPS Commerce, who in turn powers our EDI and provides our customers with access to the largest network of trading partners in the industry. This partnership is so effective because SalesPad is directly connected to the EDI network, thus allowing users to automate transactions with ease.

Our customers take their order processing time from hours to mere minutes by leveraging this powerful tool and its automation capabilities. Hank Murphy, IT Manager at Handi-Craft Company, unleashed his team’s productivity when implementing our solution: “Getting SalesPad solely for EDI is a worthwhile investment because of the amount of time it can save you and what you’re able to do with [it].” Watch his full testimonial on our YouTube Channel.

Imagine what your team could accomplish if they were granted back hours of their day. When you implement SalesPad EDI, you can let our software do the work while you focus on growing your business.

Supported EDI Transactions

Of our available transactions, these four are the most frequently used by customers: 

  • 850: Purchase Order
    The EDI 850 is a Purchase Order transaction set, used to place orders for goods and services, and generally contains the same information as a Purchase Order document. When an 850 comes in, SalesPad automatically creates a sales document for the order so you don’t have to manually check for incoming files.
  • 855: Purchase Order Acknowledgement
    Sellers use the EDI 855 transaction to confirm that they have received a Purchase Order from a buyer, whether the order was accepted or rejected, and whether any changes were made to the order.
  • 856: Advance Ship Notice
    The EDI 856 transaction relays important shipping information to the trading partner, and is electronically sent in advance of the shipment arriving at the trading partner’s facility. The 856 contains shipping details such as the contents of a shipment, descriptions of products, order information, type of packaging used, and carrier information.
  • 810: Invoice
    The EDI 810 is an electronic invoice sent to the customer, typically in response to an 850 Purchase Order, to request payment after the goods have been shipped or the service has been provided. Run the plugin built within SalesPad to send an 810 invoice to your customer. Reduce your accounts receivables by triggering the invoice to go out as soon as possible.

If getting back hours of your day, having greater ease of communication with your trading partners and vendors, and massively decreasing opportunities for error in your order management sound appealing, you need SalesPad EDI. Watch our webinar with SPS Commerce for an extensive overview of our product, or request a demo from one of our experts.


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