New Product Features Available for BC and GP Customers

This week, Cavallo announced a new CRM product for Microsoft GP customers and introduced new features for our Microsoft BC customers:

  • Customize Order Fields, including Line Items
  • In-App Emailing
  • Defining User Groups
  • Faster Manager Approvals

Solutions for Microsoft GP
For people familiar with Cavallo, you probably know our legacy product, SalesPad. For almost 20 years, SalesPad has product served the needs of distributors running Microsoft GP.

Because GP has such a loyal install base, we’re modularizing SalesPad to make it faster and easier for all GP customers.

Available immediately, Microsoft GP customers can use Cavallo CRM functionality.
Easy per-user and per-site pricing means you can pick and choose the features you need.

Contact Us for Pricing.

Customize Order Fields and Line Items (for Microsoft BC customers)

NEW: You can customize order fields and line items to meet their specific needs. Hide or re-order fields to match the way the sales reps enter orders.

In-App Emailing with Cavallo (for Microsoft BC customers)

NEW: You can email from within Cavallo directly, automatically, or conditionally.

To email a customer directly, click Send Email from any sales document stored in Mission Control. Enter the recipient email and click Send.

To send automated emails, configure Cavallo to email specific roles (as defined in BC) whenever an order hits a specific status. Emails can be customized to come from any user in the system or a general customer service email.

  • Example: Send an [Order Confirmation] email from [John Smith] to the [CFO] when the order enters the [Priority Picking Queue].

You can configure Cavallo to send conditional emails when certain business rules are met.

  • Example: Send an [Pro Forma Invoice] email from [John Smith] when [orders exceed $1,000].

Defining User Groups in Cavallo (for Microsoft BC customers)

NEW: It’s now quick and easy to define an unlimited number of user groups and set security access with Cavallo Settings and Configurations. Uses can be added, deleted, or moved between groups.

Stay tuned! More features coming in this area over the next few months.

Faster Manager Approvals in Cavallo (for Microsoft BC customers)
New functionality makes it easier for managers to quickly review and approve order and pricing exceptions.

Whenever an order in the system exceeds a business rule, Cavallo locks the order document and initiates a workflow for exception approval. Cavallo tags the violation so it’s easy for approvers to review and make a decision. The chain of in-app communications is automatically captured, along with an approve/reject decision and any optional comments.

For more information, request a demo or learn more about becoming a Cavallo VAR.