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Order Management Dashboard for Business Central

Gain end-to-end visibility across every order as it moves through your business. Understand order economics, identify problem orders, anticipate bottlenecks, and ensure the entire team is operating from a single source of truth.

The single source of truth you’ve been looking for.

Accurate, real-time information is the lifeblood of high-performing companies. But getting decision-quality data when you actually need it is often harder than it should be. With Cavallo’s Order Management Dashboard, you’ll gain complete visibility into every order as it moves though your business. Information is thoughtfully curated so you can take immediate action and make more money.

Cavallo’s Order Management Dashboard provides the single source of truth that teams need to perform at their best. Owner-operators and sales managers see it all in one place and can quickly triage potential problems, like low margin orders, before it’s too late. Sales reps and CSRs can zero in on their specific customers or orders to stay focused. Operations managers can plan staffing levels with crystal clear understanding of upstream order volume.

We pride ourselves in helping our customers win. With Order Management Dashboard, your company will experience these benefits:

  • Improved profitability
  • Better decision-making
  • Cross-departmental alignment
  • Visibility into process bottlenecks
  • Better customer service

Expand your BC toolkit
When you combine Order Management Dashboard with our Order Entry and Order Management Workflow solutions, department leaders, sales representatives, and CSRs gain end-to-end visibility into every document in the system. With Cavallo’s Order Management solutions, nothing slips through the cracks.


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The Best Order Management in the World for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

This is your new and improved morning routine. Every Business Central user who lives and breathes customers and orders should start their day with Order Management Dashboard. Here are some key features:

Built for BC

  • Actionable insight immediately; no development required
  • Easy access to related documents
  • Quote, order, invoice, and return support
  • Leverage your BC settings immediately or enrich them with Cavallo Order Management Workflow

Real-time, actionable information

  • Understand your company’s overall workflow and throughput
  • See bottlenecks immediately
  • View the status, value, and profitability of every order
  • No need to wait for the monthly close

User-specific and mobile-ready

  • High level views down to the minutiae, and everything in between
  • Advanced filters to tailor the dashboard
  • See how your business is performing from anywhere
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“In BC, once the order is archived, it’s lost. [Cavallo for BC] lets me keep track of it”

Tyler Norris
Tyler Norris ToolMatics, Inc



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