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Cavallo SalesPad® makes distribution processes fast and simple. Its on-prem distribution features integrate with your ERP system to streamline complicated manual processes, accelerate productivity and revenue levels, and unite your business-wide operations into a singular information hub for reliable data reporting. Shave hours off your operational tasks with customer-to-cash software designed to make every job role more efficient.

Design your ideal workflow to run your picking, packing, and shipping operations like clockwork — all united by automated tasks and stopgaps that ensure you’ll never misspick or oversell again.

"We have a leaner staff because of Cavallo SalesPad. We’re able to do more work in less time. Just grabbing your orders and doing a mass update is something that we do in SalesPad that we couldn’t do in Dynamics GP, and the time savings is huge. I mean huge — you don’t really realize it until you actually see it be done. And once you actually see it, it’s … ‘How did we live without it?’"

Gail Perry Office Manager, Handi-Craft

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SalesPad® Fact Sheet
Cavallo SalesPad makes distribution processes fast and simple.

Cavallo Product Overview Video
Take a look at what Cavallo’s product suite can do for your business. See for yourself why so many companies trust Cavallo to optimize their business processes.


Accelerate revenue, boost efficiency, and maximize profits with a no-code workflow, intuitive order entry, integrated customer management, and more.

Actionable Intelligence

A distribution intelligence platform that delivers real-time, strategic, actionable insights throughout the customer-to-cash cycle.


Extend the power of your Microsoft GP system from order entry to invoice collection. Realize workflow efficiencies to reach new levels of profitability.

Value-Added Resale Partners

Build relationships with your customers by providing tools for taking on distribution’s greatest challenges.

Integration Partners

Connect the best application options the ERP world has to offer. Integrate with the best and brightest organizations in distribution to cover all of your needs, and more.