We’ve outgrown the name SalesPad.

Thanks to our customers, our software has been expanded, improved, and refined with each new real-world distribution scenario.

It all started in a distributor’s back office.


In 2003, efficiency-obsessed distributor Pete Eardley had a vision that was too big for any ERP system to handle. Frustrated by the limitations of Microsoft Dynamics GP as a distribution management tool, he hired his equal in software development. Together, they built a distribution solution that perfectly met Pete’s vision. Originally called SalesPad, the solution would eliminate redundant, error-prone processes, and eventually become a high-powered, user-friendly solution that quickly turned inventory into cash.

As Cavallo, our distributor-first mindset and obsession with innovation haven’t changed. We’re driven by big ideas executed with surgical precision, all in the name of making distribution businesses more profitable. No one is better positioned to help you navigate your distribution operations and provide the tools you need to keep business in the black while charting your path to the cloud.


These values allow us to experiment courageously in our work while staying true to who we are as an organization. 

We put our people first

We owe it to our staff to prepare them for success. By building up our employees’ unique talents, setting clear and honest expectations, and collaborating with mutual respect, we create a working atmosphere that prioritizes our employees’ well-being.

We are innovators

The new and improved is what drives our ambition. We’re forever learners, always enthusiastic about solving a new problem, creating a new product, or tackling a new challenge. We’re constantly evolving to keep our users five steps ahead of the competition.

We confront the facts and speak straight

We confront issues directly and quickly by speaking straight. We vigorously debate, tweak, and revise our work so we can deliver high-value solutions that help our customers win.

We connect to ‘Our Why’

We believe in making distribution operations radically better — this is what brings our team together to create enormous value for our customers. We’re a collection of tech nerds and organization freaks who are inspired by the business successes we’ve catalyzed, and are hungry for all the successes yet to come.

We are obsessed with our customers’ success

We strive to deeply understand our customers’ business goals and desired outcomes in order to meet or beat expectations every time. As a distributor-designed solution, our organization, processes, and people are wired to deliver great value to customers in every interaction.

We hold each other accountable to the highest standards

Our ability to succeed is dramatically enhanced when we insist on high standards from each other. We value every role as important to our success, or we wouldn’t have it. We celebrate our successes, large and small.

We are focused, decisive, and data-driven

To achieve significant goals, we must be laser-focused on what we can be the best at in the world. We dig deep and insist that data, not emotions, fuel and support our decision-making.

We are relentless about improvement

If there is a better, faster, more frugal way to do something, we will find it. Like we espouse with our customers, we seek to eliminate any and all forms of waste in Cavallo’s operations — aka, we walk our talk. Resourcefulness is a virtue. We embrace and encourage curiosity and asking “why” in everything we do to get to the essential elements. We embrace large and small gains.


Making a Positive Impact

We seek to care for and promote our community. We’re proud of our hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and by focusing on our local neighborhood, we give back in a way that directly affects those around us for the better. Similar to our clients, our community has different needs. To address these needs, we strive to understand what we can do to cultivate growth wherever we serve, and then we jump in.

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Driving Excellence by Hiring the Industry’s Brightest Minds.

We go the extra mile — not just in our work, but in how we build each other up. We hire talented, driven professionals and invest in their success so they can learn and explore in their careers. As a team, we’re innovators, critical thinkers, and problem-solvers — we love to geek out over a job well done and have some fun along the way.

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Find Out How We Earned an NPS of 95

We care too much about our customers to leave them hanging on the phone. Our expert team understands that our rapid, precise responses reduce strain on your operations. Work with a support team that understands distribution deadlines and will help you stay on them.

I’m consistently impressed with the detailed knowledge of the software and its varied integrations, and Cavallo’s capacity to offer support across the board.

Aaron Slade Lion Rampant

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Product Manager, Cavallo
Alex Schelhaas Product Manager, Cavallo