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Solutions in action for your toughest distribution challenges. Find inspiration and practical insights from software demonstrations, customer interviews, use cases, conference sessions, and distribution thought leadership.

Square Integration / SalesPad by Cavallo

Keep your customer information secure and easily process credit card transactions with the seamless SalesPad by Cavallo and Square integration, without having to jump between multiple screens. Ensure that the storage, point of entry, and transmission of credit card data is secure at all times for both card-present and card-not-present transactions.

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WennSoft Integration / SalesPad by Cavallo

Easily keep track of all your job and service-call data with the WennSoft integration embedded within SalesPad by Cavallo. Directly tie your sales and purchasing data from WennSoft to SalesPad’s powerful order management and workflow capabilities, and gain 100% visibility of your data.

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Why Cavallo

Distribution management software created by distributors, for distributors: Learn why Cavallo is in pole position to help distributors maximize productivity and radically increase profitability. Leaner processes, better data, easier profits.

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SalesPad Shopify Integration Demo

For distributors, the pandemic has turned e-commerce from a nice-to-have to a must-have. Cavallo SalesPad’s Shopify integration lets you connect seamlessly to the online sales platform at multiple points throughout your distribution workflow.

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Why Rebrand – Rethink Distribution

Cavallo has outgrown its old name, thanks to our reimagined product line and two decades of evolving functionality in our solutions across the entire customer-to-cash process. See what’s new from Cavallo’s thought leaders and its distribution management software.

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SalesPad Software Demo

Cavallo SalesPad software handles the parts of distribution that Microsoft Dynamics GP’s ERP aren’t designed to address. With razor-thin margins and your profitability on the line, process efficiency, workflow visibility, and reliable reporting tools are essential to your success — and now they’re all at your fingertips.

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3 Reasons to Partner with Cavallo

If you recommend and implement solutions for distribution operations, a partnership with Cavallo gives you access to the market’s best distribution management software — and distribution industry insights. Establish yourself as your clients’ go-to solutions architect, and work with a partner that’s invested in your success.

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Sell & Order

Set the stage for customer-to-cash success with streamlined, user-friendly selling processes. Balance multi-channel sales without drowning in data. Easy customer and item look-up keeps order entries efficient and sales records 100% reliable. No need to compare notes or hop in and out of different softwares — we’ve made collecting and managing your sales data powerfully simple.

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Warehouse & Fulfill

You make the rules, and your inventory follows them. Integrating your selling, reordering, shipping, and invoicing processes with your warehouse management system eliminates uncertainty about the state of your stock. Track every item you sell, and keep orders moving with automated workflow processes and barcoding tools that cut human error out of the equation.

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Get ahead of your operations with forecasting methods you can count on, based on your customer’s purchasing trends. Easily track previous vendors and historical sales data to make reordering precise and proactive — no more stock outs, no more ordering stock that doesn’t turn over. Your replenishment strategy will save your bottom line from waste.

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Ship & Deliver

Automate shipping processes, and watch customer satisfaction rates soar. Each order includes up-to-date, accurate data pulled from your sales orders, without human intervention. Track shipments from loading dock to doorstep, and modify driving routes and returns dynamically.

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Invoice & Collect

Round out your customer-to-cash cycle with collecting processes that integrate directly with your accounting software. Batch processing streamlines invoicing, no matter the volume of orders and customers. Stay PCI compliant with impeccable record keeping, and use your historical sales visibility to reach new heights with your reporting.

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Announcing CAVALLO Execution

Cavallo Senior Vice President of Product Jeremy Boogaart presents new cloud-based software designed to empower distribution front line sales and CSR teams to deliver the highest quality of customer service.

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Announcing CAVALLO Intelligence

Cavallo Intelligence is a distributor-designed business intelligence tool, engineered to audit the efficiency of your customer-to-cash operations. Use Intelligence to optimize your workflow and tap into previously unavailable order-level visibility, so you can rest easy knowing each shipment leaves your warehouse quickly, accurately, and on your exact terms.

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SalesPad + Shopify Integration Demo

For distributors, the pandemic has turned e-commerce from a nice-to-have to a must-have. Cavallo SalesPad’s Shopify integration lets you connect seamlessly to the online sales platform at multiple points throughout your distribution workflow.

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Customer Success Stories — Angstrom Supply

Angstrom Supply prides itself on paying attention to the little things. A leading provider of cleanroom products and services, Angstrom Supply offers its customers everything they need to create a highly filtered, controlled environment. When they were struggling to maintain their company’s growth, Angstrom was in the market for an order processing system upgrade.

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Customer Success Stories — Picnic Time Family of Brands

Frustrated by its previous software’s lack of flexibility, Picnic Time was in the market for a solution that could keep its order processing moving as the company expanded. SalesPad handled it all and boosted Picnic Time’s selling power with easy-to-use EDI solutions.

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Customer Success Stories — National Band Saw

To achieve a workflow customized to eliminate time-consuming, manual processes, National Band Saw found that SalesPad’s shipping module helped streamline its existing processes, fulfilling more orders on a daily basis than the company ever had before.

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Customer Success Stories — American Storage and Logistics

American Storage and Logistics specializes in new and used material handling equipment. A few years ago, they were operating from an elaborate set of Google Sheets. It took too long to create a quote, tracking purchasing history was next to impossible, and visibility into their pipeline was far from clear. In short, American Storage was overdue for a complete systems overhaul.

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Customer Success Stories — Diversity IT

Increasing productivity without growing staff was the name of the game when Diversity IT looked for an order-to-cash solution. In SalesPad, the company found all that and more.

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Customer Success Stories — LED Lighting Solutions

As a growing company, LED Lighting Solutions needed a solution that would encourage further success for its business. SalesPad allowed it to exercise tight control over its order processing workflows while providing flexibility with location management.

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Customer Success Stories — Regal Fabrics

Before Regal Fabrics moved to SalesPad, it struggled with an order processing system that required clicking among multiple different screens, with little to no visibility into its inventory. Now, order processing is free from worries about inventory status.

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Customer Success Stories — Ohio Power Tool

Ohio Power Tool struggled to find software that could comprehensively handle its multi-faceted business model. To manage inventory and track service projects for customers, the company turned to SalesPad.

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Customer Success Stories — The Handi-Craft Company

Toy manufacturer-turned-baby product distributor The Handi-Craft Company® moved to SalesPad for its user-friendly interface — but stayed for major efficiency improvements. Faster order processing has kept it lean while growing profits.

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