Distributor-designed platforms that elevate the way you do business. Choose the high-powered engine your distribution operations need, whether you’re moving to the cloud with Microsoft Business Central or extending the life of your Microsoft Dynamics GP investment. Increase productivity, visibility, and control over your operations — all powered by data-driven, industry-tested strategies guaranteed to improve your bottom line.

Powerful, Intuitive Margin Analysis

Uncover and address margin leakage with Profit Analytics: a unique tool that delivers out-of-the-box analyses and data visualizations. Clearly identify profitability patterns and trends buried in your historical ERP data, and get straight to the root cause of profit loss instantly.
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Sophisticated Variance Analysis

Reveal areas of margin leakage and why those leaks are occurring.

Sales and Margin Trend Analysis

Track your most important KPIs over time with segmentation and filtering for more granular analysis.

Comprehensive Customer Analytics

Track customer activity, assess churn risk, and measure how churn affects your profitability.

Detailed Item Analytics

Identify which SKUs have the greatest positive or negative impact on profits.


Cavallo Profit Analytics is a process analysis and improvement tool that delivers distribution-focused insights to help you streamline your sales channel and supply chain and realize your full profitability.

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Personalized Dashboards

Quickly access custom reports that provide you with actionable insights to better manage your distribution business.

Universally Accessible

Our platform-agnostic software plugs directly into your existing ERP system. Proving actionable data… to act on.

Automated Alerts

Receive real-time notifications with countless automated updates that keep you on top of your business.


Extend the performance and life of your Microsoft GP system. Improve every process in your Customer-to-Cash cycle, from order entry to invoice collection. Replace operational inefficiencies with distributor-tested solutions that won’t just save you money — they’ll help you make it.

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Inventory Management

Track every item you sell and keep orders moving with automated workflow processes that reduce human error.

Customer Data

Easy customer and item lookup keep order entries efficient and sales records 100% reliable.

Quick Payment

Get paid faster with direct integration to your accounting software while maintaining tight, compliant records.


Set your business up for success. Cavallo’s professional services team assists in getting the most out of your systems, from easing technical pain points to configuring solutions tailored to your environment.

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Work with the Pros

Cavallo has two decades of distribution experience and thousands of successful implementations.

Built for You

Implementation starts with your company’s specific needs. We’ll nail down the exact functionality to accelerate your distribution operations.

Onboard Faster

Sync your software and staff. Our comprehensive training will have your team up and running by go-live.


Take advantage of best-in-class industry applications that handle payment processing, inventory forecasting, transportation management, and more. Access the best of distribution in one clean inventory management solution — no platform-hopping required.

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Collect payments faster and cleaner with this easy-to-use POS solution. Accept every kind of payment securely, both in-person and online.

3G Pacejet Shipping

Stop manually managing shipping tasks — it all happens automatically while you focus on scaling your business.

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Ensure seamless tax compliance while you streamline data, automate processes, and boost collaboration among departments.

Cavallo SalesPad is the glue that ties our ordering systems together. It’s fluid, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and it is reliably consistent. Everyone here really enjoys using SalesPad.

Grant Peterson Business Technology Director, BlenderBottle®


With a Net Promoter Score of 95, Cavallo’s support team offers support that outperforms corporate giants like Disney, Apple, and Amazon. Get resolutions to technical problems fast — then get back to business.

Tech Support

Our highly trained support team is dedicated to getting your issues resolved as quickly as possible.


Get the latest tools for accelerating your business’ growth. Each new release contains updates and new functionality to take your business to the next level of profitability.

Remote Support

Work with a product expert who will control your PC remotely to give you nearly instantaneous issue resolution.

Share an Idea

We’re built by distributors for distributors, and we value your input. Share your ideas to influence future development.