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Take three minutes to learn why business software designed by distributors, for distributors, can make all the difference.


Founded by experienced distributors and perfected over two decades spent optimizing distribution supply chains, no company is better positioned to guide your growth. Get the operational visibility you need to ensure efficiency and accuracy in your processes, and leverage state-of-the-art reporting and process improvement platforms to power your company’s next big moves.

We’re efficiency freaks, passionate about radically transforming your business to turn distribution pain points into major profit centers.

Cavallo’s support team is best in class, rated with an NPS of 95. That’s higher (by a lot) than the likes of Apple, Disney, and Costco.

Flexible, powerful distribution solutions for any vertical. Wherever you are in your journey, we have the solutions and real-world experience to guide you to your business goals.



Cavallo’s modular, data-driven approach to distribution enables a network of cloud, on-prem, and integrative solutions that offer a path to excellence for distributors no matter where they are in their technical journey.

Not only do we live and breathe distribution and its processes, but we know the market and we know the technology. Over the past two decades, we’ve learned from customers and their successes.

Our experience has created the best-case scenario for modern distributors: software that meets you where you are, with flexible on-premises and cloud options that empower new users and Dynamics GP veterans to take their next technological step at their own pace.

Inventory Management for Distributors

Your Guide

Distribution has many moving parts. Step up to the black hole of operations and turn on the light — distributors can see, control, and manage things they had no insight over at all until now.

Your Partner

We’ll become a trusted partner to help you realize the maximum potential of your operations and insights — and unlock the strategic power of distribution data for distributors and corporate leadership.

Your New Best Friend

Distribution is hard work, and burnout is a constant problem. We’re here to ease the burn. Peace of mind, sleeping better, shorter workdays, having visibility and control over things they didn’t have before — improving life for the distribution team also improves profitability.

salespad support person


Innovate with us. Work with Cavallo’s experienced team of custom developers to create feature enhancements that’ll refine and accelerate processes according to your exact needs.

It’s really about the people and not just the product. When we have questions about improving our business processes, we can call them and talk to people that not only know our business, but also know the product.

Robert Chadwell Owner and Director of Operations, Chadwell Supply

I use Cavallo on a daily basis to keep a pulse on the overall health of the company. It’s much easier and quicker than going to our controller or the accounting team and having them run all these obscure reports in GP.

Cavallo SalesPad has saved us an unquantifiable amount … and it’s been a huge factor in our growth as a company.

Since we’ve gone with Cavallo SalesPad, my job has been easier, I can tell you that. In my particular area, it has saved me a lot of time. I actually have a team of five right now, and if I did not have Cavallo SalesPad it would be at least seven. Probably eight.


Extend Cavallo’s capabilities even further with integrations from the best of the best in accounting, EDI supply, forecasting strategies, payment processors, and more.