3 Reasons Why You Need Cavallo Workflow

Repetitive tasks. Manual order entry. Hours of wasted time. It’s exhausting and holding you back from reaching your true potential. Cavallo’s Workflow capabilities put more time and money into your pocket. 

What is Cavallo workflow?

Cavallo workflow features give you control over order-level pricing so you can focus on growing gross margins. Set a path for your orders from the time they are created so orders move seamlessly through the fulfillment process, and automatically alert your team when their intervention is needed. 

Consider three ways Workflow accelerates your efficiency to help your organization become a leader in distribution:

1. No more wasted time

Gone are the days of waking up early to manually enter your orders and data. Take advantage of more time back and focus on the areas of your business that are driving value by automating everything that needs to be automated.

Automation Agent is a pretty great product,” says Khrystyne Olsen at Dillon Group. “It has saved me at least 10 hours a week of manually moving documents in our workflow and I no longer need to wake up at 5:30 AM in the mornings”.  

By automating your entire distribution management cycle, you can eliminate processes that normally take hours of effort. Take it from Mike Clay, CEO of Miller Welding Supply who reduced his purchasing process from three employees spending their entire day in a legacy system to one person in just three hours. 

Avoid having multiple people doing the same job and the potential for human error. Set a path for your orders that pushes it through the fulfillment process and alerts you when to step in. No more writing on paper. No more picking errors. Fewer clicks!

2. Customizable options

“Becoming more efficient and more user-friendly is another one of the many gifts that Workflow doesn’t seem to stop giving.” says, Paul Cosareo, Managing Partner at Picnic Time. “As I’ve said before, that’s just so customizable. And you can really tweak things to work with different types of orders or different processes that we have. And even in the future, if we decide to change the way we do things, it’s flexible.”

With a powerful, flexible solution identify exceptions for review and allow orders to smoothly flow through your process. Prevent issues from the beginning with a fully automated system built around your specific processes and scales to meet fast-growing demands.

3. Increased gross margin

How does dramatically increasing your gross margin sound? This is possible with workflow by managing order-level pricing and profitably at scale. 

“I don’t think you could put a dollar amount on it, but we did throw around a number of about $250,000,” says Mike Clay, CEO of Miller Welding Supply. “Workflow has given a huge improvement to our operations and I don’t think we could migrate to anything else.”

With notifications and customizable business rules, you can save millions of dollars. 

Drive value and automate manual tasks with Cavallo workflow

To gain the peace of mind of knowing that each document is controlled through your process and to become more profitable, explore a workflow engine from Cavallo.