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A Letter from the CEO: SalesPad rebrands to Cavallo

A Letter from the CEO: SalesPad rebrands to Cavallo

I am ecstatic to share big news about SalesPad that matches our passion for building game-changing software solutions for distributors. Today, we are proud to announce our timeless and powerful new company name, Cavallo, and preview a set of innovative new cloud technologies that will be released later this year.

Since we first disrupted the distribution market nearly two decades ago, SalesPad has been committed to improving the business performance of our customers. Our software has enabled breakthrough improvements to revenue growth, profitability, speed, and customer service for more than 1,000 distributors. Our initial vision to create software built by, and for, distributors still rings true today. But as our ambitions grow and we turn the page to the next chapter in our company’s history, we realized that we have outgrown the name SalesPad.

Why Cavallo? We wanted a name that would evoke the strength, precision, speed, and performance of the solutions we’ve worked hard to build. We also wanted a name that captures our appreciation for the intersection of art and science, and honors the work of our company’s intellectual touchstone, Leonardo da Vinci — one of the most creative, innovative, and productive humans to ever live. Finally, we wanted to convey our deep and enduring pride in the company’s West Michigan heritage. 

A bit of history: Leonardo da Vinci’s “Gran Cavallo” (“Great Horse” in English) was commissioned in 1482 and was meant to be the largest equine monument in the world. While da Vinci did not complete the full vision during his lifetime, the project was revived and completed in the late 20th century. Today, there are two statues inspired by da Vinci’s “Gran Cavallo” in the entire world – one in Milan, Italy and one in our hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Throughout the week, you’ll be hearing more from us about our plans to expand our offerings with modern, fast, beautiful, cloud-based software applications that reflect our passion for helping distributors maximize their potential. These applications are part of Cavallo’s brand new Distribution Cloud platform, which will be released in the second half of 2021.

While we are excited about our future serving distributors who have chosen to move their infrastructure to cloud-based ERP applications, we remain equally inspired by and committed to our current and future customers who prefer to stay with their on-premises technologies, and we will continue to invest in our foundational on-premises solution, SalesPad. Our focus is on serving distributors, wherever they are in their digital transformation. Moreover, we are perfectly suited — and eager to assist — in navigating to the “solution” that best meets our customers’ short and long-term needs.  

I want to extend a sincere thank you to our customers, our partners, and those who have expressed interest in what we do for distributors. We are proud to serve you, and we’re proud to be Cavallo!

All my best,

Cavallo CEO