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How to Accelerate Success with a Business Central Partner

Any scaling business today understands the crucial role the right technology can play in enabling frictionless and accelerated growth. While many are still bogged down by legacy systems and on-premise solutions, the leaders of the pack are more and more often turning to cloud technologies. Dynamics 365 Business Central (sometimes referred to simply as D365 Business Central) is a popular choice.  

A flexible Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system built to meet the unique needs of small and mid-sized businesses, Dynamics 365 Business Central has become one of the most popular business solutions for companies with sophisticated financial management needs. Business Central supports every area of a company’s operations, from inventory management and warehousing to manufacturing and service management. In addition, the flexibility and high level of configuration available means that it is perfect for businesses looking for a tailored solution. 

Although customizing Business Central isn’t a necessity, it does ensure a near-perfect fit for your business. But with a high level of customization can come some complexity, and leaning on a Dynamics 365 Business Central partner to streamline implementation and support can help mitigate any business application challenges that may arise. 

If you’re looking to add Dynamics 365 Business Central to your portfolio, but worry you’ll need some guidance, expertise, and a bit of extra support, finding the right partner should be your first step.

Maximizing the Value of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Selecting the right Dynamics 365 Business Central partner will help you realize the benefits of your ERP system. In turn, you can optimize your business’s ability to scale, streamline operations, leverage comprehensive business intelligence, and deliver exceptional results. 

A knowledgeable, experienced partner can, for example, provide guidance and resources for Business Central deployment and implementation. This ultimately means your own team is more prepared to embrace the new system once implementation is complete. 

If your business is looking to innovate faster, grow without disruption, and both glean and act on meaningful real-time insights, the added support of a reputable Business Central partner makes it not only possible, but simple.

How a Business Central Partner Can Help

The expertise, communication, and support of a potential Business Central partner will play a crucial role in the overall success of your ERP system. By selecting a partner who understands your organization, your team, your expectations, your budget, and your business requirements, you can ensure the long-term success of your project and a sizable return on your ERP investment

From planning to implementation, training, and support, a trusted Business Central partner can serve as a guide with lots to offer your business, including:

1. Streamlined, Fail-Proof Implementations

Many businesses hoping to implement Business Central find themselves struggling to understand financial systems, how to implement and support their ERP, and how to avoid go-live nightmares. It’s for these reasons, among many, that the average ERP project failure rate is as high as 60%

A seasoned partner knows that your ERP software should assist in making their users’ work and processes easier—and knows exactly how to get that done. For your business, this means a fail-proof implementation that’s on time and on budget, and that delivers results.

2. Training, Resources, and Sales Enablement

Once you’ve tailored your Business Central solution to your needs, how do you maximize the way your sales team is using the solution, set them up for success, and train them to use Business Central to its fullest potential? You let your partner be your guide.

The learning curve for any new technology can be steep, and any time your team spends struggling to understand and leverage the new system is money and time wasted. The right partner will ensure your team is well-equipped to make good use of Business Central and all its powerful features, including automating many of their once-manual processes, so you can focus on driving sales instead. 

Over time, that guidance can even help your team become Business Central experts in their own right, meaning you maximize the ROI of your solution day in and day out. 

3. Better Customer Experience

A streamlined back-end, supported by your Business Central partner, means a better user experience for your customers on the front end. Deepen engagement with your existing customer base to create a service-based revenue stream. Maintain visibility and control over the sales cycle, and take home a larger share of each closed opportunity. The possibilities are endless, and you can trust that alongside a better-equipped team and a future-facing investment in technology also comes a larger group of happy, loyal customers.

Take Your Cloud ERP Software’s Potential to the Next Level

A Business Central partner helps grow profitability, services revenue, and industry-leading margins on software, plus enables your team to deliver solutions with confidence

Distributors who partner with Cavallo carve a straight path to the cloud, and Cavallo provides the on-ramp when they are ready to make the switch from QuickBooks, Dynamics NAV, or whatever solution they may be using that’s failing to meet their needs. Work with a partner that’s invested in your success both short-term and long-term, and race toward your company goals with a purpose-built solution.