Directions EMEA, GPUC, Upcoming Webinars, and More

The Microsoft Dynamics community has been keeping busy this fall. Directions EMEA, held in Lyon, France this year, was an exciting opportunity for our team to network internationally and have valuable conversations about our plans for Business Central.

It’s always a pleasure to return to Fabulous Fargo! Bob McAdam, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Cavallo, kicked off GPUC with a keynote session on the current state of Dynamics GP: an important topic for many end-user entities.

If ITA Fall Collaborative wasn’t on your radar this year, we’ll give you the rundown: 340+ partners, insightful sessions led by IT professionals across the country, and outstanding networking opportunities.

Upcoming Webinars

Double Efficiency: How Cavallo and EthoTech Reshape Dynamics GP Operations — December 6

Leverage the power of SalesPad and EthoTech’s Commission Plan to drive operational efficiency in GP like never before.


Product Updates

Stay in the know with the latest improvements our product and development teams have been working on to keep our software running at peak efficiency.


Bulk Actions

In Business Central, the bulk action functionality is very limited. Users can now save tons of clicks with this update by selecting multiple documents and running any Cavallo manual action in bulk, including submitting to the workflow engine.


Saved Filters

With the ability to save filters, users can simply select a view from a grid rather than building out complex filters every time they wish to view a data set, thus saving 3–4 clicks per filter used.


Table Standardization

This update allows users to better manipulate their data using DevEx, with features like click-and-drag column adjustments and column sorting.

Coming soon: Line-Level Business Rules

With Business Rules, organizations can catch defective or problematic documents before they result in a problem. For example, a customer could use this feature to build margin rules that let them know when a single line on a 60-item order is below margin without having to look at every line themselves. Then, they can correct it before the order is shipped out and protect their gross margin.

Alliance Partner Spotlight

Automatically import orders into your web store with the SalesPad WooCommerce integration, eliminating the need to manually rekey them, minimizing errors, and saving your team valuable time.

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