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Faster, Higher ROI for Business Central Deployments

Functionality Level-up: Cavallo’s Answers to BC Constraints

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online is a robust, cloud-based ERP well-suited for mid-market companies across many industry verticals. Due to its versatile nature, demand for BC is skyrocketing. In fact, in April of 2022, Microsoft reported a 60% year-over-year increase in BC customers and a nearly 400% increase in solutions available on AppSource since 2019. 

Popularity may be a great problem to have, but demand for BC is running far ahead of the supply of trained resources to deploy it. In fact, BC VARs are routinely scheduling new deployments four to six months into the future. 

To address the lag — and maximize BC’s effectiveness — savvy end-users and partners alike are seeking help from best-of-breed Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to deliver deep feature sets out of the box, avoiding the need for time-consuming custom development. 

That’s where Cavallo comes in. Not only do Cavallo’s built-in capabilities minimize time-consuming custom development, but they also address limitations in Business Central’s standard feature set.

With nearly 20 years of experience helping companies achieve dramatic productivity gains (two- to threefold improvement in order entry speed, for example) and profitability improvements (3% gross margin expansion) in the Dynamics ecosystem, Cavallo’s solutions generate rapid time-to-value, often yielding annual benefits 5-10 times their cost. 

Here’s a rundown of some common Business Central pain points that Cavallo solves.

The problem: Native workflow in Business Central is not robust enough

The answer: Cavallo’s Order Management System (OMS) is the heartbeat of any company with complex ordering processes. Equipped with a user-friendly, no-code workflow engine, end users can easily build the process flows that match their unique requirements. Our OMS provides flexible order routings and automation across multiple sales channels (inventory reservations, for example) and the ability to apply business rules such as gross margin checks that ensure orders meet profitability thresholds. 

With the Mission Control screen, department leaders and individual contributors alike gain end-to-end visibility into every order in the system. At a glance, users know their current workload and get easy visibility into orders expected to hit their department in the near future. With Cavallo’s OMS, nothing slips through the cracks or appears by surprise.

The problem: Siloed experience for order entry and inventory visibility

The answer: Cavallo’s CRM module provides intuitive access to customer data such as open orders, order history, and related documents to increase end-user efficiency while keeping customers happy. Our order-entry screen provides step-function improvements over native BC, making it much easier for sales and customer service representatives to manipulate orders with multiple lines, gain access to inventory availability, and avoid mistakes through real-time order-level and business rule validations. 

The problem: Lack of configurable alerts

The answer: Cavallo delivers high-value analytics and alerting capabilities to Business Central users, starting with our Process Performance module. 

Our analytics are pre-configured to leverage end users’ order data and workflow set up so that insights are immediate and up-to-date — it’s like a real-time MRI for your business. Users quickly gain insights into order volumes and speeds at every step in their process, historical comparisons, potential bottlenecks, and more expediting features for peace of mind. With our built-in alerts package, users can also flag a range of potential problems — such as slow-moving orders, low margin orders, and growing backorder queues — so you can address them in real-time.

The problem: Business Central doesn’t provide a single page for related documents

The answer: With a high level of documents running through Business Central, users need a single place to go to organize everything related to a specific order. Cavallo’s Mission Control provides the ability to hover over an order and view all related documents, limiting effort and clicks for the end-user.

At Cavallo, we are proud to be an integral part of the rapidly growing Business Central ecosystem. We’re passionate about helping companies achieve their full potential and offer compelling offerings to both end-users and partners alike as they make “build vs. buy” trade-offs for their BC-based technology stack. 

Ready to streamline and optimize Business Central to enhance customer service, control orders, and make more money? Watch our demo video or schedule a time to talk to our experts.