February 2019 Release

Search Screen Revamp

Each search field has the following search operators associated with it: Is Like, Equals, Begins With, Greater Than, Greater Than Or Equals, Less Than, and Less Than Or Equals. This allows for greater control when searching for specific data.

Users can now choose any available field, including User Defined Fields, on the search screen and search just that field using the custom search functionality. Search results are validated.

The new Date Range selection allows you to choose any date field, including User Defined Fields. The date range can be limited through security, and the default value is 9 months. The dropdown list of date ranges includes Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year, and Last Year.

The Clear button is available across all screens and allows you to zero out all of the search fields easily. The Reset Search button can be used to reset the search parameters and date fields back to defaults.