SalesPad 5.4.10 Release Notes

SalesPad v5.4.10 is now available!  A variety of new features have been introduced since 5.4.6, including:

HubSpot Integration

SalesPad now supports automated data flow between SalesPad/GP and HubSpot.  This new integration automatically syncs customers and contacts, product information, and sales documents between these two systems.  This is a separate license from SalesPad, so please contact your account executive for more information.  Public documentation is available here: 

Inventory Allocation Visibility Expansion

In the Inventory Lookup, the Allocations popup window now provides four new tabs which show allocations for Assemblies, Manufacturing Orders, Inventory Transactions (site transfers and adjustments), and Misc (other GP allocation types that are not used in SalesPad).  These tabs were added in addition to the existing tabs for sales and ITT allocations, and they offer hyperlinks to easily launch their corresponding documents in SalesPad where applicable.  This makes it possible to see all allocations for a target item in one window, organized by the document type.

Automatically Transfer Quotes to Orders

Automation Agent now offers a Transfer Quote To Order job.  This is structured very similarly to the existing Transfer Order To Invoice job, and it automates the process of transferring quotes in a particular workflow queue into sales orders.  Public documentation for AA has been updated to include this new job:,Transfer%20Quote%20To%20Order 

Import Customers and Contacts

Import Manager provides a new Customer import definition which can import customers and their contacts/addresses.  This includes creation as well as updates for both entity types.  Public documentation is available and details the supported use cases: 

Manufacturing Improvements

  • Manufacturing Routing Entry has a new Routing Sequence dockable plugin that provides better visibility and easier navigation between the sequences in the routing, as well as new abilities like easily adding a new sequence to the end of the current routing and being able to drag and drop to reorder the routing sequences
  • Manufacturing BOM Entry now provides a readonly hyperlink field to easily view and launch the Primary Routing for that BOM
  • MBOM Entry loading time has been optimized for BOMs with many component lines

Other Important Updates

  • Sales Monitor provides new options to group and sort the documents grid by the standard Batch + Doc ID (which matches the order in the batch tree view on the left), or by Batch (which combines same-named batches across multiple Doc IDs), or by None (which unlocks the grid grouping/sorting rules to allow the user to add their own group/sort columns)
  • The Purchase Order Search now allows printing, so that users can print/email/release multiple POs at once
  • Hyperlink UDFs can now be triggered from grids, so that users can launch those links from anywhere in the application.  This also includes some nice UI sanitizing for deep links, so that a link like “salespad:SalesDocumentEntryArgs|INVOICE|INVS3052|Open” will only display “INVOICE|INVS3052|Open”, but will still launch that sales document when clicked
  • SalesPad now supports binary sort collation databases. Public documentation is available here:  

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