Required Update for UPS Paperless Invoicing

We recently announced required updates for everyone who uses ShipCenter for international shipments via UPS. UPS is implementing a new surcharge for international shipments that require commercial invoices and are not processed with paperless invoicing.

Per UPS: “Customers that are not using UPS Paperless® for Commercial Invoices associated with international shipments will be subject to a surcharge that is planned to be implemented in April 2024. […] Starting April 2024, there will be a $1.00 USD surcharge per shipment for using paper documents. This fee will gradually increase at the beginning of July 2024.”

ShipCenter already supports paperless invoicing for UPS. However, changes were needed to support this in the new UPS REST API. In order to use UPS paperless invoicing with the new UPS REST API, everyone must upgrade ShipCenter to version If you have already upgraded to ShipCenter 1.3.0+ for the REST API updates, then you will not need to upgrade the entire application again and can simply request an updated UPS DLL.

Everyone will also need to enable paperless invoicing with UPS on to avoid the surcharge. For more information on how to enable paperless invoicing for UPS and how to use paperless invoicing in ShipCenter, refer to this support article.

If your business is impacted, please submit an upgrade request form so that we can provide all necessary resources and support. Depending on your current software versions, you may need to upgrade other related applications and update configuration. We strongly advise preparing a fresh test environment where the new software versions can be installed, configured, and tested prior to going live.

Comprehensive release notes for ShipCenter are available for review. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Cavallo Account Executive.