SalesPad Desktop 5.0

SalesPad Desktop 5.3.15

Key enhancements in this new release include:

Improved User-Friendliness of Sales Line Mass Updates
Sales Line Mass Update is now even more intuitive.

  • New Information icons indicate which fields will be changed
  • The confirmation prompt for the Update Lines button now shows which fields will be updated, and to which values they will be updated
  • There are new X buttons for non-UDF controls to clear those fields
  • There is a new Clear Fields button to clear all fields at once
  • If no fields are changed, a prompt will notify this

New System User Log tab
The System User card now has a Log tab which shows when the user logs in and out.

Expanded Database Support
SalesPad now supports databases which use binary collations.

Full Release Notes will be available with the next major release of SalesPad. Visit our Support page to review previously-published Release Notes.