UPS/FedEx REST API Updates

We have an important announcement regarding required upgrades for everyone who uses UPS or FedEx for address validation within SalesPad or for shipping within ShipCenter. UPS and FedEx are switching to new REST API services, which require SalesPad and ShipCenter to be updated to work with these new services.

This required upgrade will affect:

  • Everyone who ships via UPS or FedEx within ShipCenter
  • Everyone who uses address validation via UPS or FedEx within SalesPad 

If you have custom features that use the UPS or FedEx APIs, or custom scripting that affects shipments or packages for these carriers, please contact your Cavallo account executive.

These features will stop working:

  • On May 15 for FedEx
  • On June 3 for UPS

In order to continue shipping and validating addresses via UPS and FedEx, everyone must upgrade:

  • SalesPad to version 5.4.2
  • ShipCenter to version

Additional Features

There are additional features currently under development which will be introduced over the next few releases. If you prefer to wait to upgrade until these features are available, please indicate which features you would like to wait for:

  • ShipCenter FedEx Freight carrier updates for REST API
  • ShipCenter FedEx One Rate support
  • ShipCenter UPS SurePost support

If your business is impacted, please submit an upgrade request form so that we can provide all necessary resources and support. Depending on your current software versions, you may need to upgrade other related applications and update configuration. We strongly advise preparing a fresh test environment where the new software versions can be installed, configured, and tested prior to going live.

Comprehensive release notes are available for review for SalesPad and ShipCenter.

These changes do not impact ShipTo or the Pacejet integration, and they do not require upgrading Dynamics GP.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Cavallo account executive.


The following documentation is available for the updated REST API configuration:

UPS Shipping REST API Configuration

FedEx Shipping REST API Configuration

UPS Address Validation REST API Configuration

FedEx Address Validation REST API Configuration

FedEx Developer Portal