The Results

By choosing a solution that combined flexibility, ease of use, and reliability, Bon Chef established new processes that led to scalable growth.

Flexibility allowed Bon Chef to continue using its existing warehouse management system—a must-have for its assembly and distribution process. Bon Chef and RSM configured SalesPad and Dynamics GP to complement Bon Chef’s existing strengths while enhancing areas for improvement.

Ease of use delivered efficiencies that Bon Chef didn’t know it needed. A friendly UI streamlined the entire order-entry process. Automated document emailing freed up hours every day. And increased visibility reduced monitoring the status of orders to a few clicks.

Reliability transformed Bon Chef’s relationship with inventory. Since implementing the platform seven years ago, the company has only had to sync inventory twice—once during the initial software upgrade and once because of a ransomware attack.


To transform aspirations of growth into tangible results, Bon Chef needed the right distribution solution. By implementing SalesPad, Bon Chef secured order management tools that integrated with their existing processes seamlessly and efficiently.