2024 ERP Statistics You Need to Know

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software promises huge benefits, including better insights into inventory levels, business process improvements, and a sizable return on investment (ROI). But do supply chain management technologies like ERP software really live up to the hype? In most cases, the answer is a resounding yes.  However, there are some challenges associated with […]

ERP Trends to Watch in 2024

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology has been around for decades, but it is constantly evolving in response to changing business processes and shifting user demands.  The transition from on-premise systems to cloud-based solutions represents one of the most significant changes to the ERP ecosystem in years. But it is just the beginning, seeing as it […]

The History of ERP

If we were to pick one technological innovation that has revolutionized business operations, enterprise resource planning (ERP) would be the clear choice. From streamlining core business processes like human resources (HR) and inventory management to integrating essential software systems, enterprise resource planning systems have impacted virtually every aspect of modern organizations.  Nevertheless, to fully understand […]

The Future of ERP: Exploring What’s Next

We live in a world where technology continues to evolve at breakneck speeds, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) innovations are no exception. Staying ahead of the curve is vital, so as we look to the future of ERP, it’s crucial to understand how emerging trends will impact your core processes and business functions.  Why the […]

Automate Your EDI and Leave Manual Order Entry Behind

SalesPad by Cavallo EDI Automation

If you currently or plan to sell to retailers, then there’s no doubt that you’ll be using EDI, Electronic Data Interchange, to facilitate transactions. If you want to ease communication with your trading partners, you can benefit immensely from SalesPad by Cavallo® EDI. Enable that communication channel and drive more revenue without adding significant effort. […]

EDI: A Comprehensive Guide

In the dynamic world of product-based businesses, efficient communication and streamlined operations are paramount to a successful operation. Enter Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), a transformative tool that reshapes the way businesses exchange information. Discover the role EDI plays in business, its practical applications, how it is used across various industries, and the benefits and risks […]

Cavallo Partner News: Quarter 1, 2024

Profit Scan, available FREE on AppSource

It is with great excitement that we welcome Zach Wetta, the new Senior Vice President of Sales, to the Cavallo® leadership team as we prepare to launch several new game-changing products into the market. Zach’s wealth of sales and go-to-market strategy experience will be instrumental in helping us continue to help others as Cavallo moves […]

Ensure a Successful Business Central Implementation

Business Central Implementation

If your scaling business is ready to accelerate growth, work smarter, and embrace agility, you’re likely already considering an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.  Among the most popular ERP solutions for small and mid-sized businesses is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This all-in-one business management solution connects data across your organization, so you can use […]

The Hidden Costs Behind Microsoft Business Central Pricing

Microsoft Business Central Pricing

In today’s rapidly changing and increasingly digitizing market, companies looking to scale need the right business solution to simplify every element of what makes their organization successful. Ready to revolutionize your accounting and financial management? To streamline your sales, operations management, customer service management, project management, or supply chain management? Dynamics 365 Business Central is […]

Bridge to Cloud 2: The Cost of Migrating

Bridge to Cloud 2

The kinds of businesses that are investing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology range from small-scale companies to massive multinational enterprises. Unsurprisingly, the ability to leverage an agile and flexible business tool that can unify data, streamline operations, boost efficiency, and drive informed decision-making is attractive across the board.  But the most important characteristic all […]