Crack Down on Waste with Lean Distribution Processes

Using the principles of Six Sigma, this ebook walks readers through important but often overlooked sources of company waste, then explains how to fix those gaps to keep productivity high and costs low.

Take some time to reevaluate your process through the Six Sigma lens — this can help you identify the major areas of waste in your operations and provide well-informed solutions to your waste management woes.

When it comes to the world of manufacturing and distribution, waste is the big bad wolf of operational roadblocks. Even if your workflow looks good on the outside, without regular examination, waste can creep in and reduce all your efforts to rubble.

That said, it’s not an insurmountable foe. Using Six Sigma methodology can help you narrow your focus when it comes to tackling waste head-on. These principles help you improve your business operations before you’re plagued with inefficiency.

If implementing lean operational processes is on your to-do list, this ebook is a great place to start. You can dive into the basics of Six Sigma philosophies, and follow along in a Q & A with a waste management expert.