Streamline Your Order Management and Invoice Processes

Eliminate lost orders, duplicate payments, and operational chaos through the power of AP automation. Cut out time spent hunting for customer information and documents, and gain tighter control over your business processes.

Ensure total organization of your business

Pair Cavallo’s powerful order management solutions with KwikTag’s top tier document management system. Coordinate files and documents across your entire operation, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Ditch the tedious manual processes, mountains of paperwork, and disjointed documents. Embrace automation and start simplifying your processes while keeping your information 100% secure and reducing the risk for errors along the way.

You need the Cavallo and KwikTag Integration if you’re interested in:

  • Improving your customer order visibility and related document access from anywhere
  • Reducing invoice processing costs by more than 80% with automated invoice workflows and approval routing
  • Avoiding manually placing physical barcodes on documents by utilizing the scripting feature
  • Becoming immensely more efficient across your operation
  • Raising customer satisfaction significantly

“As far as time-saving, KwikTag is invaluable. It is like working in a completely different environment without the necessity of the paper.”

Diana Garrett

Creative Solutions

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Get instant access to important documents

Quickly locate, sync, and manage documents across multiple departments via the Sales and Purchasing modules, and easily retrieve customer data, sales documents, purchase orders, and vendor information.