Cavallo®: State-Of-The-Art Solutions to Optimize Distribution Supply Chains

In 2003, distributor Pete Eardley decided to build an application that could be easily integrated with his company’s Microsoft Great Plains (GP) ERP. Designed to solve the limitations of GP as a distribution management tool, it enabled enhanced customer experiences, productivity gains, higher profitability, and superior reporting.

Realizing his new software’s potential to serve a bigger market need, Eardley created a software company to develop it for other distributors.

Today, Cavallo® is a trusted name in the industry, delivering easy-to-use tools that excel at enhancing both Microsoft Dynamics GP and D365 Business Central for distribution-centric companies. Clients can improve sales, customer service, and distribution teams’ operational efficiency by leveraging the company’s offerings. Cavallo’s tools facilitate quick quote and order entry, while providing complete inventory visibility and easy access to customer information, configurable workflows, and built-in credit card processing, making them ideal for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and mid-market distributors.

“The ERP is to a business what the operating system is to a smartphone,” elaborates Cavallo CEO Mike Biwer. “Cavallo makes the killer apps that make the ERP better. Those apps are focused in three important areas, including user experience, process automation, and analytics.”

While the ERP system helps clients with finance and accounting requirements, Cavallo’s tools empower them with functions like CRM, EDI, and e-commerce capabilities to make sales and customer management more efficient and user-friendly. The order management automation tools give distributors complete control of their orders, including command over each line item within every order, to maximize profitability and exceed customer expectations.

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