Cavallo charts a future spanning Microsoft's mid-market ERP landscape

When SalesPad rebranded as Cavallo in 2021, the change allowed the organization to separate the company’s overall identity from their primary product offering, the GP-specific SalesPad suite of applications for distributors. SalesPad’s success has earned the software a prominent place in the GP community, but as the software has evolved and expanded over time, the name came to say less about what the company that built it.

Cavallo CEO Mike Biwer, who took on leadership at the company in 2019, believes the updated brand name represents the company’s future in a range of ways. It references a work of Leonardo da Vinci, the Gran Cavallo or “Great Horse” sculpture that was planned but not immediately created in the fifteenth century. One of the few replicas of the sculpture was commissioned by businessman Frederik Meijer in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, which also happens to be the home of Cavallo. The SalesPad team also happened to be using da Vinci works as project code names when they came across the connection to their home town.

The change of brand also speaks to future opportunities still rooted in western Michigan as the firm moves ahead with new product launches aimed at the Dynamics 365 Business Central market. Biwer and his team spoke to Cavallo clients and partners at the company’s PANELS’23 event earlier this month. Biwer spoke with MSDW about some of their product announcements and plans spanning both the GP and Business Central (BC) markets.

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