The State of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Mike Biwer, CEO of Cavallo

"Our commitment to both existing and new Dynamics GP customers remains firm."

Since 2003, thousands of users have relied on us to get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics GP and markedly improve their efficiency, operational processes, and margins. Unlocking earning potential for our Dynamics GP customers is a point of great pride for our team at Cavallo. 

Microsoft recently announced changes to their Dynamics on-premises (DPL) offers and policies. Tens of thousands of you are successfully running your operations using Dynamics GP, and we want to reassure you that Cavallo is not changing our support of GP users. We understand that changing your ERP is a massive undertaking, and don’t expect you to move away from Dynamics GP any time soon.

Microsoft’s official updated policies

Microsoft has stated that there are no implications for existing Dynamics GP customers. You can continue to purchase new licenses and modules beyond 2026, but as of April 1, 2026, there will be no new customer sales of Dynamics GP. However, Microsoft will continue to make enhancements to Dynamics GP and provide support. 

Our commitment to both existing and new Dynamics GP customers remains firm. Along with our many alliance partners in the GP space, we are invested in your success. We will continue to develop new and innovative products for GP users. Meeting our customers where they are is incredibly important to us. We’re here to address your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

Mike Biwer, Cavallo CEO

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