PANELS’22: Reimagine your ERP to supercharge your business

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Just four months remain before Cavallo hosts PANELS’22 in Grand Rapids, MI, from Sept. 27 to 30. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning veteran, here’s what you can expect from our annual trade show. 

The Cavallo team can’t wait to welcome you to our home and show you a new level of control and visibility for your operations. Between our experts and top industry talent, PANELS’22 sessions and product demos will raise your operational game. Meanwhile, our networking opportunities will assemble the best and brightest of your peers for fun and profit. 

Reasons to register include:

  • Demos of Cavallo products that add execution, control, and intelligence to your tech stack
  • Cavallo power users’ real-life examples of how they’ve supercharged their ERPs
  • Expert secrets to get the most value from Cavallo software 
  • Networking with colleagues who share your drive for profit and efficiency

What our customers are saying 

“My favorite part of PANELS has been the interaction with other people who’ve come here. The networking is really what makes these things worthwhile. You pick up a lot from talking to people who maybe have the same issues that you’re trying to work through, and seeing if there’s anything that I can integrate into my company.” Jeff Downs, CIO, CFO, Global Sales Director, Hoy Shoe Co.  

“Both the products and the event offer fantastic value, and PANELS is definitely worth attending if you are an existing customer or are looking for an affordable way to get out of your ERP. There is content for everyone, whether you’re new to the product or have worked with it for years.” Rob, SBS Group USA

“It’s very apparent [PANELS is] about building the relationship. From the sales teams to the people that you don’t work with a lot, the implementation and the DEV teams, people that are behind the scenes, putting faces with names. You can really tell there’s a lot of care that’s been put into the program.” Jeremy Bright, Business Systems Manager, Arc Document Solutions

Experience Grand Rapids 

PANELS’22 might be all about business during the day, but we’ve timed our annual user conference so you can get something extra from your visit. 

Enjoy Grand Rapids’ array of local beers on tap, world-class restaurants, and shopping opportunities. And when it comes to culture, the annual kickoff of local art competition ArtPrize makes downtown an ideal destination for all your post-session extracurriculars. 

All this excitement is nestled within walking distance of our Day 1 evening event at iconic concert venue 20 Monroe Live, and the Amway Grand Hotel. 

You can expect to find great food, music, and beer, and to become part of a bubbling community that’s eager to get out and about. 

Secure a brighter future for your business by registering today for PANELS’22. Cavallo looks forward to welcoming you to a week of learning and networking to turn your organization into power users.