Simplifying Payment Processing

EVO Payments is one of the world’s premier providers of secure, cost-effective, and scalable processing solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. Leverage that power to significantly increase your speed and ease of payment processing with the SalesPad by Cavallo® and EVO integration.

Innovative Payment Acceptance and Services

The SalesPad and EVO partnership has yielded two groundbreaking payment processing solutions:

  • SalesPad Mobile Application integrated with the PayFabric Payment Terminal
  • PayFabric Integration built directly into SalesPad software

With the SalesPad Mobile Application, users can easily navigate their customers’ existing sales documents and perform credit card acceptance directly from the device. In the desktop integration, you can either process payments by running the plugin directly within SalesPad or send a secure PayLink to your customer via text or email, which they can then use for self-service payment.

You should implement SalesPad and EVO’s solutions if you:

  • Save money by finding the best price for every shipment
  • Prioritize excellent customer service and a competitive advantage in shipping
  • Integrate your ERP with shipping carriers in real-time
  • Save time by configuring automated fulfillment workflows

Integrated Payment Solutions

We take pride in our longstanding partnership with EVO Payments and our ability to deliver fast, secure credit card processing to our customers 100% of the time.