Seamlessly Integrate your SalesPad Software and Payment Processing

Establish a direct link between your software and electronic payment processing when you implement the SalesPad by Cavallo® and Square integration. Square ensures that the point of entry, storage, and transmission of payment information is always secure, so you can be sure that your customers’ information is safe.

Secure, Automated Payment Processing

Our integration allows for both card-present and card-not-present transactions, to easily adapt to your business’s needs. The Square Terminal card reader device is compatible with EMV (chip payment) and NFC (tap-to-pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay) payments. For card-not-present payments, quickly and easily enter credit card information directly in SalesPad, and avoid having to jump between multiple screens.

Implementing this tool is quick and simple, as the integration between SalesPad and Square is seamless. SalesPad sends your transaction information directly to Square in a secure cloud location. Square then processes this data and sends the necessary information back to SalesPad, allowing you to create, edit, or delete an electronic payment. Process charges, authorizations, and refunds within SalesPad, with all the necessary information easily accessible.

The SalesPad and Square integration is for you if you:

  • Are looking for secure, efficient credit card processing
  • Prioritize a user-friendly interface
  • Want to allow multiple payment options for your customers
  • Are interested in saving time in your day-to-operations with a powerful, automated tool
  • Want your credit card processing linked directly to your software

“We do over $10 million a year in credit card transactions. For us, uptime is absolutely key. Since we’ve been live with the SalesPad and Square integration, we’ve had zero downtime. This integration allows us to manage our volume and our growth. Now, we spend less time doing the same amount of work.”

Paul McLellan

Streamline your Credit Card Processing

Leave electronic payment processing to the experts and save valuable time with the SalesPad and Square integration, which delivers quick results 100% of the time.