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Automate Your Inventory Management

Consolidate your sales and purchasing information and track your inventory with ease via the SalesPad by Cavallo® and WennSoft integration. Exercise advanced order control by implementing its workflow and automation features and drive efficiency to the fullest extent.

Leverage total visibility and control over inventory

Rather than spending time and resources manually entering data, improve visibility across your entire organization when all your relevant order information is automatically consolidated in one place.

Avoid jumping between multiple screens when locating job and service call information related to your orders, and simplify sales and customer service as a result. Sync your data among SalesPad, Dynamics GP, and WennSoft, and experience a seamless flow of information.

The WennSoft Integration offers a significant reduction in:

  • Inventory loss
  • Replacement cost
  • Costly expediting fees, acquisition, and service costs
  • Carrying cost

“The biggest gains we see over using GP (for order processing) with WennSoft is that it now takes less than half the time to process an order.”

Vince Dawson Boland Trane
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Organize all your sales and purchase orders in one placeTransform your ability to manage projects, timelines, and costs by tying together sales orders, purchase orders, and inventory transactions.


Accelerate revenue, boost efficiency, and maximize profits with a no-code workflow, intuitive order entry, integrated customer management, and more.

Actionable Intelligence

A distribution intelligence platform that delivers real-time, strategic, actionable insights throughout the customer-to-cash cycle.


Extend the power of your Microsoft GP system from order entry to invoice collection. Realize workflow efficiencies to reach new levels of profitability.

Value-Added Resale Partners

Build relationships with your customers by providing tools for taking on distribution’s greatest challenges.

Integration Partners

Connect the best application options the ERP world has to offer. Integrate with the best and brightest organizations in distribution to cover all of your needs, and more.