3 Signs You Need Business Intelligence Software

The distribution business isn’t just about moving goods — it’s also about moving lots of complex data. Hundreds of customers, thousands of products, and tens of thousands of orders mean countless possible workflows. It’s all too easy to lose time and money on the journey from order to cash. With customer demands on the rise, your margin for error is thin. Better business intelligence is the key to making your distribution process easier. Here are three signs that you need process analysis software to unlock your true potential. 

#1: Constant bottlenecks are holding you back

Whether you’re dealing with unexpected gaps in inventory, transportation delays, or other unforeseen challenges, bottlenecks are costly. They create headaches for your team and unhappiness for your customers.

Business intelligence software helps you get stalled orders moving again. Real-time analysis of every order in the system lets you address issues before they become costly sources of frustration. 

#2: You aren’t focusing enough on gross margin

It’s tempting to focus on revenue as an indicator of performance, but it may not lead to real actionable insights.  Not only does tracking gross margin provide clear guidance about how to improve your organization, it also helps you understand how your capital is being used. 

Use data from an intelligence platform to streamline processing smaller orders with lower margins and prioritize the high-ticket orders that make the most money. 

#3: Costly mistakes aren’t caught quickly enough

In distribution, decisions are made in real time — not days later. You need instant access to actionable insights. Without them, mistakes can compound and become ever more expensive to address.

With a business intelligence tool, catching these issues early is as easy as setting up proactive alerts to raise red flags before the mistake happens — or address it immediately after it occurs.

Turn your data into dollars 

If you can relate to these scenarios, it’s time to learn more about Cavallo Analytics Cloud, a data intelligence platform that plugs into your existing technology stack to provide an instant look into your operations and put into action improvements to your bottom line.

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