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Take Your Order Fulfillment to the Next Level

Our mission is to make you more efficient from the time a customer places an order to when they receive it at their door. Taking the time to optimize every step of the customer-to-cash cycle is a worthy investment for your business, because it makes life easier for your customers and for your team. Customer […]

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Keep Your Customers Happy and Your Sales Team Happier with SalesPad CRM

If there’s one aspect of your business you don’t want to neglect, it’s your customers. They’re at the heart of everything you do, so it’s imperative that you provide the level of service and attentiveness they’re looking for. Which means you need the right CRM toolkit to manage customer information, maintain high visibility of your […]

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Overcoming the Top Three Types of ERP Waste

Eliminating waste in your operation wherever you can is a must. However, there are many moving parts in any business, so it can be difficult to know where to begin. To start, we recommend taking a look at the core foundation upon which your business is built: your ERP. Avoiding ERP Waste Your ERP touches […]

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Inventory Management and Workflow: The Perfect Pairing

Executing the steps to achieve an accurate, organized warehouse is one of the best actions you can take to ensure a successful business. The goal is clear, but it’s getting there that makes things complicated. Luckily, we have plenty of advice on how to upgrade your inventory management. Wave goodbye to human error Your greatest […]

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Never Let Inventory Slip Through the Cracks Again

Inventory visibility, or knowing the location, quantity, and movement of products, is an essential component of running a successful operation. In its absence, bad inventory data results in inefficiencies like CSRs not knowing what is available to sell, buyers not knowing what inventory they need to replenish, excessive inventory holding costs, and customer frustration. These […]

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PANELS’23: Unleash your potential, transform your operations

Just a few months remain before Cavallo hosts PANELS’23 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from August 7-9. Whether you’re a first-time guest or a returning veteran, here’s what you can expect from PANELS’23.   This August, get first-hand insider knowledge into how your company can attain tighter control over and total visibility into your business processes. Come […]

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Invest in Your Workflow for Automated, Consistent, and Accurate Business Processes

If you experience day-to-day operational chaos in your business, whether it be in the form of picking errors, bottlenecks, or tedious manual tasks, you may be resigned to the fact that these fire drills are just a necessary evil. But there’s another way to operate—a way that eliminates human error, repetitive tasks, and a general […]

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Automate Your EDI and Leave Manual Order Entry Behind

If you currently or plan to sell to retailers, then there’s no doubt that you’ll be using EDI, Electronic Data Interchange, to facilitate transactions. If you want to ease communication with your trading partners, you can benefit immensely from SalesPad by Cavallo® EDI. Enable that communication channel and drive more revenue without adding significant effort. […]

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Maximizing Basket Size with UpSell and CrossSell Functionality

If your 2023 business goals include seeing a massive increase in profitability, you can achieve this by augmenting customer orders through upselling and cross-selling. SalesPad by Cavallo offers both UpSell and CrossSell as Sales Line Plugins within our desktop products. Implement these automated tools, and see a significant increase in basket size as a result. […]

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2022: Year in Review

With 2022 nearing its end, we’d like to invite you to join Cavallo in reflecting on the triumphs, partnerships, and new experiences this year brought. From networking at tradeshows to new product releases to PANELS’22, the past twelve months have been packed with exciting and rewarding opportunities. A Thank You to Our Partners We’re grateful […]

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The Future of Dynamics GP

At Cavallo, we are incredibly proud of our heritage that humbly began in a warehouse of a distributor running Microsoft Dynamics GP. By 2022, thousands of users have trusted us to enhance Dynamics GP for them to dramatically improve their business performance every day. Over the last couple of years, there has been a tremendous […]

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What’s happening in Grand Rapids during PANELS’22

PANELS’22, Cavallo’s annual user conference, kicks off in our hometown of Grand Rapids, MI, this September. From Sept. 27 to 30, PANELS’22 attendees will have the opportunity to hear from distribution pros, network with industry peers, and check out all that Grand Rapids has to offer. When you’re not honing your competitive edge, get out […]

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5 Must-See Webinars for Dynamics GP Shops

Want to see Cavallo® software in action and learn how it supports operational excellence? Our partner, Implementation Specialists, is hosting free webinars throughout the month that include demos of key Cavallo solutions for users of Microsoft Dynamics GP. These webinars all run on Wednesday’s from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. central. Click the webinar titles […]

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Meet Cavallo’s Featured Speakers for PANELS’22

PANELS’22 offers industry pros an unmatched opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of their operations. From Sept. 27 to 30 in Grand Rapids, MI, Cavallo’s annual user conference will provide a forum to engage with peers, partners, leaders, and experts in distribution-focused roles. That includes a stellar lineup of guest speakers for PANELS’22: Josh Linkner, Dean […]

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New Products and Features for Cavallo customers running Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC

Last month, we shared information about new products and features from Cavallo, including New Analytics and Workflow for GP and New Custom Fields, Activity Logs, and more for BC.  In this month’s update, we covered features exclusively for Microsoft Business Central installations. Here’s a quick recap. Distribution Cloud Inventory Allocations, addressing one of Business Central’s […]

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Taming TGWs to Eliminate Workflow Waste

When it comes to optimizing workflows, the automotive industry was early to the starting gate.  Henry Ford’s pioneering practices in mass production not only made cars affordable and accessible to millions of people; they also set standards for efficiency and profit throughout the modern enterprise.  In that spirit, last week’s column about quantifying operational variables […]

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What a Plinko Game Can Teach Us About Operational Variables

In my last column, I recounted how Cavallo co-founder Pete Eardley pulled his own distribution business free from an information “black hole”: Before Pete created Cavallo’s flagship software, the progress (and ultimate profitability) of orders was trapped in an information vortex from which no data could escape.  Getting out of a black hole is just […]

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How a Wholesale Distributor Escaped a ‘Black Hole’

– Cavallo® co-founder Pete Eardly, describing his distribution operation before he created Cavallo SalesPad® This tale of a black hole isn’t science fiction; it’s the story of a real distributor who blasted off from an antiquated system of 12 physical clipboards on a wall to create a command-and-control center on a smartphone. The results? Out […]

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Faster, Higher ROI for Business Central Deployments

Functionality Level-up: Cavallo’s Answers to BC Constraints Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online is a robust, cloud-based ERP well-suited for mid-market companies across many industry verticals. Due to its versatile nature, demand for BC is skyrocketing. In fact, in April of 2022, Microsoft reported a 60% year-over-year increase in BC customers and a nearly 400% […]

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Get the First Look at Newly Released Features for Cavallo® on BC and GP

Last month, we told you about new products and features from Cavallo®, including a new CRM product for Microsoft Dynamics GP and new features for Microsoft D365 Business Central. In this month’s update, the new product and features list just keeps growing. This week, Cavallo® announced: New Features for BC: Activity Logs Released Document Support […]

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7 Ways to Focus the Power of Dynamics GP

Getting the Most out of Your ERP Microsoft Dynamics GP is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform for organizing business processes, whether those processes are part of finance, HR, manufacturing, IT, or myriad other departments in an organization.  But that broad applicability comes with limits. The reality is Dynamics GP is too monolithic to […]

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New Product Features Available for BC and GP Customers

This week, Cavallo announced a new CRM product for Microsoft GP customers and introduced new features for our Microsoft BC customers: Customize Order Fields, including Line Items In-App Emailing Defining User Groups Faster Manager Approvals Solutions for Microsoft GP For people familiar with Cavallo, you probably know our legacy product, SalesPad. For almost 20 years, […]

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3 Reasons Why You Need Cavallo Workflow

Repetitive tasks. Manual order entry. Hours of wasted time. It’s exhausting and holding you back from reaching your true potential. Cavallo’s Workflow capabilities put more time and money into your pocket.  What is Cavallo workflow? Cavallo workflow features give you control over order-level pricing so you can focus on growing gross margins. Set a path for […]

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The Top 3 Pain Points of Payment Processing and How to Solve Them

In today’s market, consumers expect electronic payment options from their vendors. After all, e-payments offer them real-time flexibility and require less effort than paper payments. In turn, most businesses want to offer their customers electronic payment options, but they often run into problems with disconnected systems, security, and cost. To help, we’ve broken down these […]

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