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Your own Data Science Team – Cavallo Analytics Cloud is now available

As you gear up for the new year, do you really know if your business is growing? We’ve officially arrived at the end of the year, which means it’s time to start taking a look at how well you performed and where to improve your business. No need to stress out searching for those elusive […]

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Help! What do The Beatles have to do with Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Great decision-making is often a blend of art and science. How confident are you in your own decision-making skills and track record? Can you think of any past “big” decisions you would rewind and do over if you could? Perhaps you realized after the fact that you failed to account for all available information, or […]

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A Letter from the CEO: SalesPad rebrands to Cavallo

A Letter from the CEO: SalesPad rebrands to Cavallo I am ecstatic to share big news about SalesPad that matches our passion for building game-changing software solutions for distributors. Today, we are proud to announce our timeless and powerful new company name, Cavallo, and preview a set of innovative new cloud technologies that will be […]

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Mid-Market Distribution Technology Provider SalesPad Rebrands to Cavallo, Introduces New Cloud-Based Software Solutions

Innovative SaaS platform addresses growing market need for purpose-built productivity, operational workflow and analytics solutions GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan (June 28, 2021) — Cavallo, the only technology provider delivering on-premises and cloud solutions specifically for mid-market distributors, announced it has rebranded from SalesPad. The new brand name supports the company’s aggressive product expansion and strategic move into […]

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Supercharge Your Customer Service with the Right Software

Who holds the real power in your company? Who has the unmatched ability to either propel your customer-to-cash cycle forward into success or bury you in a mound of broken dreams? Is it the CEO? The owner? The receptionist? Mark Zuckerberg? Nope. (Good guesses, though.) It’s the customer. That enigmatic, capricious yet lovable, always-right son […]

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Peak Season Preparation: New Tech or More Employees?

While a peak season is great for profitability, it adds other challenges to the books. Should you opt for newer, more efficient technology, or take the route of adding a seasonal workforce? Maybe the answer lies somewhere in between. Here are a few things to consider when ramping up for any busy season. New Technology […]

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Go head-to-head with distribution giants — and win

Working in the distribution industry is a tough racket, and for small-to-medium operations, trying to survive and thrive can be a tall order. This isn’t because smaller businesses like yours aren’t up for the task — far from it. In order to get to where you are, you’ve had to be scrappy with your operations […]

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Inventory Optimization in Dynamics GP: NETSTOCK Podcast Supply Chain Chats

Cavallo VP of Product Jeremy Boogaart recently sat down with Russ Graf of NETSTOCK to chat about improved inventory management on NETSTOCK’s podcast, Supply Chain Chats, and we’ve captured all the highlights right here. NETSTOCK is an inventory management software centered around helping product-centric businesses cultivate smarter, data-driven restocking and replenishment strategies. They’ve provided over […]

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Tips for increasing your pipeline visibility (and trusting what you see)

Achieving “total visibility.” It’s an attractive statement. It’s what all us distributors and product-centric businesses are after. It’s also much easier said than done. When you’re dealing with intel that only tells half the story, operational visibility can seem like an impossible goal. In order to gain the data and insight you need to keep […]

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Accounting Terms for Distribution Professionals

Accountants tend to use a lot of jargon, leaving some of us non-accountants feeling confused. In order to help, we've compiled a list of must-know accounting terms for a distribution professional.

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Inventory and Supply Chain Terms You Should Have Down

What do all those inventory and supply chain terms mean? Learn the easy definitions you need to know when working in the supply chain and inventory world.

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Order Processing and Purchasing: Terms You Should Know

Easy to Understand Definitions | SalesPad covers 18 Inventory Management, Order Processing and Purchasing terms. Drop Shipping | Blind Shipping | SOP to POP

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The Basic ERP Definitions

At Cavallo, we toss around a lot of lingo that may cause some confusion for our customers, and sometimes even our own employees. The terminology around ERP systems, the distribution industry, and integrating new software into your business, can be you may scratch your head at what’s going on. We wanted to break it down […]

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What is Blind and Double Blind Shipping?

What is blind shipping? Can you arrange double blind shipping when it comes to order management and order fulfillment? SalesPad helps answer your questions.

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What is Drop Shipping?

While the term might evoke imagery of packages carelessly falling out the back of mail trucks, drones dropping shipments from the sky, or even something involving the sea monster above, drop shipping is none of those things. With the rise of eCommerce and more and more consumers choosing to buy online, some businesses wish to […]

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