Business Central Training

Investing in Dynamics 365 Business Central Training

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive mid-market enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for mid-market businesses. With more than 160,000 companies already using its predecessor, Business Central has been widely adopted by business owners to streamline operations.  

Still, many owners and executives worry that they aren’t utilizing the tool to its fullest potential. Consequently, they may be leaving productivity and profitability benefits on the table.

Fortunately, Business Central training courses are a great way to remedy this problem. Learn what business central training is, how it can help your team, and how you can leverage Cavallo’s solutions to enhance your training and take your operation to the next level.

What Is Business Central Training?

Business Central training teaches IT and implementation teams how BC can improve their businesses. Business Central courses are often taught online by industry professionals and experts. 

Usually divided into in-depth modules, this training simulates what teams encounter in the real world. This ensures the education you receive is relevant to your daily work. 

In some cases, course instructors may provide curricula customized for your teams. They might also offer certifications businesses can use to advertise their team’s newfound expertise.

How Can Businesses Benefit From Dynamics 365 Business Central Training Conducted by Experienced Instructors?

It’s one thing to understand what Business Central training is. It’s quite another to learn how it can enhance your business. In particular, these courses can meet your business needs in three main ways.

1. Go Deep With Features

Taking a BC training course gives your team the opportunity to thoroughly understand every available feature. You’ll finally be able to explore the platform’s capabilities and get the most out of Business Central’s offerings.

2. Get Real-World Scenarios

Many training courses use real-world project management situations and scenarios. These help you learn how to solve problems and handle issues you might face on an average day in your business.

3. Become an ERP Expert

Your team members also have the opportunity to become ERP experts with help from knowledgeable professionals. If you already know a bit about Business Central, you can scale up your skills to better assist others on your team.

The Complement to Your Business Central Training

Business Central training is good for your company because it ensures you are well-versed in the platform’s features. But to unlock even more functionality in BC, you need Cavallo’s unbeatable suite of order management solutions

Create tailored workflows that help you maximize both profit and efficiency through the power of automation. Add greater detail and context to your data by creating custom fields not available in BC on its own. Make your ERP your single source of truth and keep tight control over every order in your system.

Best of all, these features come with a customizable and user-friendly user interface that lets your business teams do things the way they want. 

Improve Your Customer Service and Business Operations

Business Central training will give your team the right foundation to understand the platform’s basic principles and how they can help your company. There’s no better way to gain a sense of core app functionality. 

When you’re ready to take your training a step further and leverage the full power of BC as a platform, Cavallo’s solutions for Business Central will help you do just that. Gain the comprehensive visibility of your business necessary to anticipate and remedy issues, increase profitability, and guide consistent growth.