Real results

Our customer Hoy Shoe Co., a B2B shoe manufacturer and distributor, has been in business for over half a century, with no plans to slow their growth. Before implementing SalesPad, they relied on the manual picking process of walking the aisles of their warehouse with a clipboard in hand. Not only did this process slow them down—it put them at a high risk for mispicking inventory.

When it comes to shoes, the boxes look similar, if not identical. But picking the wrong shoe by only a half-size off means the shoes won’t fit, and customer frustration and a return are sure to follow. Precision, then, is paramount to Hoy Shoe’s success.

Moving from checking a clipboard to scanning a barcode changed everything.

“When we got everything set up with Inventory Manager, and we got all our scanners and set up the workflows in SalesPad, we found that it made our employees much, much faster,” said CEO Jeff Downs. “We can get more products out today than we’ve ever gotten out. Scanning an item instead of manually checking a pick list saves so much time.”

Introducing automation into their operation was game-changing for Hoy Shoe, and left them more time to focus on growing their business, rather than correcting mistakes. “We actually went a full year without a single mispick,” Downs stated. That’s the kind of reliable accuracy Inventory Manager provides.

Achieve total inventory visibility and accuracy

Having a perfectly organized warehouse doesn’t have to be an unrealistic dream. Inventory Manager sets your business up for success by removing opportunities for human error, providing 100% visibility of your inventory, and allowing you to accurately and efficiently track the status of your orders. Stop settling for mispicks, bottlenecks, and unhappy customers—and take your warehouse back.

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