Finding the right tools to automate tedious tasks while ensuring accurate information is crucial in any operation. SalesPad customer Howie’s Hockey Tape is no different. Jason Koole, CFO, relies on the Shopify integration to manage the company’s hundreds of online orders each day and maintain a fast order-to-cash cycle.

Jason said, “With the sheer number of orders we do on our Shopify website, SalesPad’s Shopify integration is the only way we can maintain accurate inventory. This streamlining of our online orders allows us to better leverage SalesPad’s other features like workflow, purchasing advisor, and sales reporting.” The team at Howie’s Hockey Tape prioritizes efficiency in their eCommerce platform, so they can focus on driving growth instead of cumbersome order entry.

What Cavallo Brings to the Table

The bottom line is this: are the tools and processes you have in place now meeting your needs, falling short, or exceeding your expectations? If your answer is not the latter, you’ll soon grow out of your current solution as you further develop your omnichannel sales. SalesPad eCommerce integrations aren’t just nice to have—they’re necessary for your team to stay on top of orders, see all your data in real-time in one convenient place, and get more orders out faster.

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