SalesPad v5.4.2

SalesPad v5.4.2 is now available! This latest release is packed with valuable new features, such as:

FedEx REST API Updates 

  • New FedEx extended module and updated ShippingV2 module
  • New settings exist for new/updated handling
  • The New Access Token Maintenance screen allows users to view and revoke existing access tokens and generate new access tokens

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New Import Manager Options

  • InventorySerialNum definition can now be used to mass update serial item UDFs
  • InventoryLotNum definition has been added and can be used to mass update lot item attributes (including Mfg Date and Exp Date) and UDFs
  • Additional updates to Import Manager were made prior to this release, including: 
    • Purchase Receipt Inventory Serial Num for importing serial item receipts
    • Inventory Adjustment can now import serial item UDFs 

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Additionally, there have been several other exciting improvements to SalesPad v5.4.2 since the last major release.  

Enhancements to WennSoft Signature Integration

  • WennSoft Inventory Adjustment Line Dock now has an AutoRun sub security
  • WennSoft Sales Document Dock and Inventory Adjustment Dock now have Unbilled options to let the user switch a document back from a billed state
  • Sales Monitor fields are now prefixed with WennSoft instead of K2A
  • Default Cost Code is now saved so that it can be loaded even when the document’s lines have different cost codes assigned
  • A variety of small fixes and improvements to wrap up the integration; see release notes for details

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  • New settings exist for new/updated handling
  • The New Access Token Maintenance screen allows users to view and revoke existing access tokens, and generate new access tokens; currently only used for UPS REST API tokens
  • The New ShippingV2 module mirrors the existing Shipping module, but uses the REST API instead of eCommerceMax. It also provides new Sales Document Freight Rates and Sales Document Simple Freight Rates tabs, which replace the older Sales Document Freight Calculator and Sales Document Simple Freight Calculator tabs.

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Expanded EDI Support

  • New inter-company EDI handling allows companies to send EDI documents internally without needing to process them through SPS. A primary use case for this is when one internal company sends a PO to another internal company, which will turn that into a sales order for fulfillment. We still recommend routing through SPS for any EDI communications between external companies. 
  • Better handling for potential duplicate records in the import spreadsheet

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Other Important Updates

  • Most grids now have Group Options that let you control if groups auto-expand vs collapse, and new shortcuts to collapse all and expand all groups 
  • Quick Reports have new multi-row-select and multi-row-copying abilities 
  • Print buttons can now be triggered with the ALT+P shortcut 
  • Workflow Visualizer is now available for business object workflow (e.g. PO Workflow, Customer Workflow) 
  • MBOM Entry and MO Entry now have Quick Reports tabs
  • Sales Doc Entry can now show sales document holds in the banner 
  • Recurring Sales Definitions now support User Defined Fields at the header and line level 

We’re already hard at work on our next SalesPad release! Stay tuned for more updates as new features become available.