Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing Distribution

Staying Agile and Competitive with Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing Distribution

Despite supply headwinds, labor shortages, and an uncertain economic climate, the manufacturing industry continues to be challenged to innovate, scale, and find new ways to meet and exceed customer demands. 

To do so, business leaders in manufacturing are leveraging digital technologies. With them, they’re adopting strategies to prepare for the future of the industry, and ensuring resilience across the supply chain. And for many, a key component of that technology investment is in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. 

But with so many choices in the ERP market, choosing the right solution to fit manufacturers’ business needs can pose a challenge. Here’s why you should consider Microsoft Dynamics for manufacturing distribution. 

Agility, Visibility, and Automation in Manufacturing

Gartner research today shows that 80% of CEOs are increasing digital technology investments to counter current economic pressures (like inflation and talent and supply constraints). As a result, companies across all industries are deploying ERP as part of their larger digital business transformation efforts. The manufacturing industry is no exception, and perhaps faces even more pressure to perform in the face of adversity. 

While overall demand and production capacity have hit recent highs, there are indications that the outlook for manufacturers may be paved with hurdles. In fact, the industry is currently experiencing concerns that may limit manufacturing’s growth momentum. Supply chain issues including bottlenecks, global logistics backlogs, cost pressures, and the threat of cyberattacks are all notable obstacles. What’s worse is that these issues will likely remain major challenges, even beyond 2023. 

Fortunately, manufacturing companies have a powerful solution in ERP systems. According to Deloitte, investing in digital technologies, like ERP systems, enables them to: 

  • Innovate with ease
  • Mitigate and manage risk
  • Achieve supply chain excellence

Embracing Microsoft Dynamics for manufacturing distribution is the first step in catalyzing change, improving agility, and future-proofing business success.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing Distribution?

Achieve sustainable growth and manufacture a more resilient future with a Dynamics ERP. Connect systems and data that will allow you to anticipate change, minimize disruptions, and reduce time to market. Plus, do it all while building better customer relationships using real-time insights. As a result, you get to guarantee that from decision-makers to factory floor managers, everyone working in Dynamics 365 is staying connected and accessing valuable data to create an impact across the organization.

In the world of manufacturing, there’s an opportunity to increase productivity by incorporating key elements of digitization, including automation, machine learning, and interconnectivity.

You get all that when you make Microsoft Dynamics 365 for manufacturing distribution your ERP of choice: a solution purpose-built to improve customer satisfaction and gain more comprehensive visibility into warehouse and supply chain operations. According to Microsoft, Dynamics for manufacturing, like the Dynamics manufacturing module or Dynamics GP, means:

Simplified Product Launching and Management

Introduce new products and services quickly by centrally managing product information, improving productivity with hands-free work instructions, and streamlining change management processes. Spend less time battling with your software and keep your product information up-to-date constantly. 

Streamlined Planning and Sourcing 

Anticipate issues before they arise instead of scrambling to react quickly. With Microsoft Dynamics for manufacturing distribution, plan production and distribution in real time, use artificial intelligence (AI) for enriched demand forecasting, and bring your data together from across siloed systems. This means simplified procurement processes with contract management, vendor selection based on historical data, and more. 

Agile Production and Distribution

Continually meet changing customer needs by building agility into your supply chain. Get support for lean, sustainable, and smart manufacturing with connected factories using technologies like the Internet of Things and AI. Plus, manage inventory and fulfill orders effectively with real-time data, and intelligent order and warehouse management

Stronger Customer Relationships

Build trust and strengthen relationships with customers, thanks to Microsoft Dynamics for manufacturing distribution. Not only does this solution help manufacturers automate sales processes to sell new leads and identify opportunities with existing customers. It also helps track relationship needs and relationship health with real-time insights, so you can continue to exceed customer expectations.

Better Customer Service 

Increase customer loyalty by providing exceptional service, including proactive field service through tools like AI-optimized scheduling, remote support, and omnichannel and self-service customer service. No matter the industry, providing excellent customer service is paramount to your long-term success. So take the time to invest in technology that better serves your customers.

Your Solution for Better Inventory Management, Streamlined Production, and Happier Customers

An ERP system allows you to integrate, control, monitor, and synchronize manufacturing and operating processes using business intelligence, warehouse automation, device integration, and API services. This means you can optimize your entire workflow using just one system, which certainly explains why the adoption of ERP software makes so much sense for any scaling manufacturing business.

With SalesPad by Cavallo, you can extend the performance and life of your Microsoft Dynamics GP system with a tried-and-true, distributor-tested solution. Manage and optimize distribution operations from customer to cash. Pave the way for profits and informed decisions by fundamentally reimagining your business processes with the right technology. In turn, you’ll unlock scalable growth and leave your competition in the dust.

Contact us for more insight, or request a demo to see SalesPad in action and bring your operation to the next level.