Greater Visibility, Greater Customer Satisfaction

While Withbroe said he was especially pleased by the improvements in Dental City’s order-entry process, he also appreciates the numerous features of the Customer Card. SalesPad CRM provides visibility they couldn’t access previously, and it allows the sales reps to access relevant customer and product information with speed and agility.

“The Item Sales tab helps reps easily find items not ordered recently, and the Sales Graph tab allows reps to easily see sales trends at the account level.”

It’s standard practice at Dental City for representatives to call customers to make sure they’re happy. Withbroe said Cavallo’s CRM features help reps with their pre-call planning, as well as keeping them on top of events.

Users are also able to manage customer accounts with ease — they can easily access past interactions and track a given customer’s historical data with the company, so they’re not starting from scratch with each call. Being able to track those kinds of details has helped Dental City foster productive, personal relationships with their customers, which is one of the main values that drive their operations and their business.

“[SalesPad is] cost-justified as an order entry system,” he said. “The price difference between GP and SalesPad is about half the price – but it’s hard not to give this software a serious look as an inside sales and CRM piece.”