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Keep Your Customers Happy and Your Sales Team Happier with SalesPad CRM

If there’s one aspect of your business you don’t want to neglect, it’s your customers. They’re at the heart of everything you do, so it’s imperative that you provide the level of service and attentiveness they’re looking for. Which means you need the right CRM toolkit to manage customer information, maintain high visibility of your sales pipeline, and effectively track prospects and opportunities.

Customer Card: Your Single Source of Truth

Microsoft Dynamics GP alone offers little in the way of CRM tools. With minimal customer information available, sales reps and CSRs don’t have access to credit limit data and related sales documents, and spend copious amounts of time looking between multiple screens to find the answers they need while on a call with a customer. 

Furthermore, GP’s customer search function is cumbersome and requires very specific data to pull up a customer. Let’s face it—as a customer, you wouldn’t be too impressed if the person on the other line has no idea who you are and can’t quickly pull up your information.

SalesPad CRM GP Customer Card Comparison

Enter SalesPad CRM: your single source of truth that holds all relevant customer information, seamlessly integrated with GP. With the SalesPad customer card screen, you get all the data you have in GP, plus item history, sales document history, credit limit, billing preferences, and sales documents all in one cohesive place. The customer card also houses all past interactions with a customer, including any additional notes you’ve taken while communicating with them, such as reminders, tasks, and personalized information.

With all this information readily available, your sales team can see what items customers have been ordering lately and how often, allowing for a well-informed, strategic approach to each customer. Your team won’t have to bounce between numerous tabs and windows while scrambling to find order details, and you’ll improve your customer service and credibility by leveraging the high visibility afforded by SalesPad’s customer card.

Managing Prospects and Opportunities in CRM

Effectively managing customers in your database is only half the battle. Your CRM tool also needs to account for prospects—a lead that’s not a customer yet—and opportunities—your interactions with a prospect or customer that are the precursor to a quote and an order.

In Dynamics GP, there is no existing tool to manage prospects and opportunities. This leaves you with a couple of less-than-ideal options: use an external tool like a spreadsheet or a separate CRM system that does not integrate with your ERP, or create a customer card for prospects. The former leads to disorganized information that constantly needs to be manually updated and verified across multiple sources, while the latter attempts to fit a prospect into the mold of a customer.

SalesPad CRM Funnel Graphic

SalesPad CRM fills this gap by allowing you to create prospect cards that store information and documents. See data like expected close date, sales person ID, and relevant opportunities all on one screen, instead of searching for these items in an email inbox or a notepad. In addition, you can easily include any relevant information your sales team might need for a prospect by adding as many user-defined fields as you like.

Go one step further and build tailored workflows tied to your prospects and opportunities with Workflow & Profit Manager. Automate processes like manager approvals of converting an opportunity to a quote or qualifying a prospect before they can become a customer, so you get full visibility and nothing slips through the cracks. 

Maintain this detailed view of your sales cycle and customer and prospect information from your phone as well via SalesPad Mobile. Capture information from new prospects as you’re meeting with them, instead of having to wait until you’re back in the office, so you don’t miss any important details.

A Personal Touch Goes a Long Way

Having a unique tool tailored to manage prospects and opportunities not only provides value from an organizational standpoint—it allows your team to refine their approach in how they work with these leads. For example, having easy access to prospect data and opportunities means you can work ahead by sourcing certain items of interest, managing opportunity close dates against product lead times, and forecasting revenue based on opportunity amounts and expected close dates.

Sales reps and CSRs can easily pull information on prospects and opportunities through contact searching, and track interactions like they would in a customer card. This tool then enables your team to provide each prospect with an unrivaled level of care and attentiveness, while keeping track of pertinent details and documents.

Visibility into your sales pipeline is a must for any operation. Knowing where you’re winning or losing, understanding the sales cycle, and seeing the big picture of your customer relationships all result from an accurate and easily navigable CRM platform.

“SalesPad has helped make our company more agile when interacting with customers. From a CSR standpoint, we’re able to better serve both big and small customers. SalesPad helps speed up our customer interactions and helps us give the customer more information than we ever could before.”
— Jeff Downs, CEO of Hoy Shoe Co.

As your business expands, managing a growing customer database is no easy task, and implementing stand-alone CRM systems is costly. Our users have found that SalesPad CRM not only meets their needs with its seamless integration with GP, but leaves them well-positioned to maintain their growth without sacrificing customer service. 

Our customer Hoy Shoe Co., a B2B manufacturer and distributor of sandals for the last 89 years, prioritizes excellent customer service above all else, and continues to be impressed by the flexibility and efficiency of SalesPad CRM as they grow each year. 

“SalesPad has allowed us to continue growing without having to add more employees,” CEO Jeff Downs said. “It has allowed us to be more efficient with what we do. All of our Cavallo products have played a huge part in helping us handle the increasing volume as we’ve grown.”

What’s more, Hoy Shoe’s CSRs set the bar high when they work with customers, and the level of information they have available to them during customer calls via sales documents, interactions, and opportunities bolsters their credibility and sales pitch.

According to Downs, “SalesPad has helped make our company more agile when interacting with customers. From a CSR standpoint, we’re able to better serve both big and small customers. SalesPad helps speed up our customer interactions and helps us give the customer more information than we ever could before.”

The Bottom Line

Undeniably, your operation runs best when your customers are happy, as well as your employees. SalesPad CRM helps you achieve both, by better organizing your customers, prospects, and opportunities; gaining a clear view of your sales pipeline; and ultimately providing high quality customer service.

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