The Results

When asked about the changes Krowne has seen since implementing SalesPad, Forman jumped right in. “SalesPad takes out all the guesswork. It used to be very manual. We used to print out all our orders, and there was a time when we would alphabetize them in one building, then drive to one of our other buildings and distribute them. It was crazy. That’s all automated now, and it’s much more efficient than what we were doing.”

By leveraging the inherent efficiency, flexibility, and automation capabilities of SalesPad, Krowne saw dramatic increases in orders processed per day, employee adoption rates, and gross margin.

Efficiency made it possible to train new employees faster, provide better customer assistance, and enter more orders per day than ever before. The new workflows drove down customer service-call times from an average of 5 minutes down to just 2, and decreased the number of clicks to process an order by 60%.

Flexibility let Krowne build detailed, automated processes around a complex business structure — without huge customizations. Krowne didn’t have to change its processes to accommodate rigid rule sets. Instead, it was able to create completely new workflows that strengthened and optimized existing processes.

Automation added a new layer of accountability that didn’t formerly exist, and virtually eliminated paper trails that Krowne had previously relied on so heavily. Simple, manual tasks were automated, minimizing mistakes and enabling greater productivity.


Krowne wanted transformation, and quickly. Reliance on manual input and “tribal knowledge” led to inefficiencies, and the rigid, inflexible processes of Dynamics GP weren’t conducive to growth. By working with teams from Admiral Consulting and Cavallo, Krowne overcame these obstacles and recognized transformative results.