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Invest in Your Workflow for Automated, Consistent, and Accurate Business Processes

If you experience day-to-day operational chaos in your business, whether it be in the form of picking errors, bottlenecks, or tedious manual tasks, you may be resigned to the fact that these fire drills are just a necessary evil. But there’s another way to operate—a way that eliminates human error, repetitive tasks, and a general lack of control over your orders. With SalesPad by Cavallo® Workflow & Profit Manager for Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can mitigate these daily disruptions.

Manual Processes Are Holding Your Business Back

Manually tracking the progress of each order in your system is taxing and, frankly, unrealistic, especially if you want to continue expanding your business. Depending on team members to take action at each stage of an order is time-consuming, leads to bottlenecks in your operation, and puts you at a much higher risk for errors in order entry and order fulfillment. These low levels of order visibility and accountability, in turn, impact your customer satisfaction, and thus the overall reputation of your business.

Suffice it to say, keeping these aspects of your business running smoothly is not just helpful, but essential to ensure that you manage your orders efficiently, accurately, and consistently. Furthermore, having a long order lifecycle hurts your ability to compete with big sellers like Amazon that promise fast shipping and low prices.

So what’s the solution to all these problems? Simple: automation

Configure and Automate Your Ideal Workflow

Workflow & Profit Manager seamlessly integrates with GP, and is fully equipped to work with orders that come in from a variety of channels, from wholesale to eCommerce and everything in between. 

What sets our product apart is its capacity for automation and unrivaled configuration to suit the unique needs of your business. For example, if your order process looks different depending on which channel the order originated from, you can create different workflows for orders from each channel.

Automatically print and email documents like order confirmations, print tickets, tracking numbers, product information, and user guides as part of the workflow. This feature allows for greater visibility and accountability of orders throughout each stage of the order lifecycle. When your customers have all of this information readily available, it saves them a phone call and the trouble of tracking down their order, improving their overall buying experience—making them more likely to buy from you again.

Another useful feature of Workflow & Profit Manager is the ability to split orders. If some items in an order are out of stock, you can split the document so that the in-stock items are shipped immediately, while the out-of-stock items are sent to purchasing. Splitting also comes in handy if items in the order are available in different warehouses or require different shipping methods. This function keeps your orders organized and keeps shipments flowing out as quickly as possible. 

Implementing these automated steps in your workflow doesn’t just make you more efficient; it makes you more competitive. If an order comes in and passes through every workflow steps without any errors, it can picked, packed, and shipped in minutes. Keep up with Amazon’s two-day shipping and get your orders out faster than ever before without any added labor costs.

“SalesPad workflow is very powerful, and we use it for everything here. It allows us to bend GP to our business rules.”— Robert Chadwell, Owner of Chadwell Supply

Don’t just take our word for it—hear from our customers who have implemented Workflow & Profit Manager, and watched their productivity and profitability grow as a result.

“Cavallo SalesPad’s greatest strength is its workflow. That alone made it worth it,” says Robert Chadwell, owner of Chadwell Supply. “SalesPad workflow is very powerful, and we use it for everything here. It allows us to bend GP to our business rules.”

Make Workflow Your Greatest Strength Too

Workflow is at the heart of your business. When you automate your process to include checks at every stage of the order lifecycle without the need for manual inspection, you can get your orders out faster while maintaining extremely high accuracy.

If having total control over 100% of your orders, drastically increasing gross margin, and exceeding your customers’ expectations interests you, schedule a demo with one of our experts to learn more about how you can reach your business’s potential.


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