Faster Reporting

Not only has Steiner been impressed with SalesPad’s workflow automations, the company is also making great use of the reporting features available in SalesPad. By using quick reports on sales documents, they have begun upselling to their wholesale customers based on quantity breaks. While on the phone with customers, Steiner CSRs can quickly run a report telling them which items are on the order and in turn, upsell the customer on a better price for a larger quantity.
Steiner also utilizes quick reports at a customer level. For its annual fall promotion, Steiner offers a discount when customers reach a particular dollar amount. With SalesPad, CSRs run reports on customer cards that show the items that a customer is most likely to stock up on. Using this information, the CSR can offer a better promotional price if the customer adds more of the items that they tend to sell anyway.

Simplified Onboarding

Steiner has prioritized getting its employees up to speed on SalesPad. “Being able to onboard an employee quickly is really important,” Whiting said, “and having all employees using the same software is also really important.” With the simple, intuitive UI available in SalesPad, Whiting said they complete new employee training much faster than in the past.

With software designed to make life easier, Steiner can maximize its competitiveness in the market and reach business goals, rather than struggling to keep up with the flow of work.