Bring Your Valuable Data into Focus with Cavallo Profit Analytics

profit analytics

Data is at the heart of everything you do, whether you’re leveraging it or not. Every transaction, every shipment, every customer interaction leaves a digital footprint—and that information is waiting to be used to benefit your business. It’s up to you whether you leverage your own data to outcompete your rivals or ignore it. What […]

Microsoft Dynamics for Education: An Overview

Microsoft Dynamics for Education

Organizations across the education sector require software that can handle all aspects of the administrator, stakeholder, and student journey. It’s time to leave piles of paperwork and disparate, manually-created files in the past. With the right technology underpinning their broader strategy, education providers can eliminate data silos, enable powerful insights, and act on their own […]

Unlock the Power of Microsoft Dynamics for Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics for Marketing

For marketers, the path to success starts with tapping into—and then delivering on—what customers really want.  But what happens when those expectations start to shift, or when the marketing tools, expertise, and skills on hand can no longer support a business’s ability to deliver on those promises? For many marketers, being at this crossroads is […]

Microsoft Dynamics for Professional Services: An Introductory Guide

Microsoft Dynamics for Professional Services

If you’ve been on the hunt for professional services tech to simplify business management, you’ve undoubtedly seen Microsoft Dynamics 365. But you may not know what it offers for professional services and how it benefits industries like construction or field service providers. The following deep dive will explore the ins and outs of Microsoft Dynamics […]

Microsoft Dynamics for Nonprofits: Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft Dynamics for Nonprofits

Running a nonprofit organization can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience, but it can also be a bit chaotic. Between tracking donation history, keeping up with volunteer engagements, and handling all of those tedious back-office tasks, you’ve got a lot on your plate. While these complexities come with the territory, they can distract from […]

What Is Microsoft Dynamics for Supply Chain Management?

Microsoft Dynamics for Supply Chain Management

Keeping up with all of your supply chain operations, like product information management and inventory, can be a nightmare, especially if you rely on many disjointed apps. Fortunately, there’s a more efficient alternative. Microsoft Dynamics for supply chain management is an all-in-one tool designed to help you simplify warehousing, inventory tracing, and more. Elevate the […]

Microsoft Dynamics for Associations: A Brief Introduction

If you’re immersed in the world of associations and grappling with the chaos of managing memberships, events, and growth strategies, it’s time for a tech upgrade. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for associations is an all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) software and asset management platform for tracking finances, memberships, and more. Here’s everything you need to know […]

How Microsoft Dynamics for Healthcare Supports the Future of Patient Care

microsoft dynamics for healthcare

The continued rise of inefficient spending, ineffective hospital service management, and workforce shortages have catalyzed a need for innovative ways of delivering high-quality healthcare services at scale. Across the industry, organizations are taking note, and acting accordingly.  Many are embracing new technologies to keep patients informed and deliver quality care, like electronic health record (EHR) […]

Microsoft Dynamics for Sales: A 101 Guide

microsoft dynamics for sales

Like any sales professional, your business days can be pretty hectic. From disseminating leads to your sales teams to providing product assistance to customers in need, it can be tough to keep everything organized and running smoothly.  That’s why you need an all-in-one customer relationship management and sales cycle tracking platform like Microsoft Dynamics Sales. […]

The Order Management Process: An Introductory Guide

order management process

The efficiency of the entire supply chain hinges on a single process: order management. The order management process is a series of events that kick off every time a customer places an order.  It doesn’t matter whether you are well-versed in the concept or still find order management and fulfillment processes to be mysterious. This […]