Cavallo’s Bob McAdam named a 2021 Community Summit Legend

Acceleration Economy Network

2021 Legends of Community Summit

One Big Family. A Heart for Others. By the Community, for the Community.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., (ACCELERATION ECONOMY NETWORK) – All these words describe a people-first culture worth holding onto. Moreover, these words don’t just appear out of thin air. This culture of dedication, altruism and peer support is molded by people who came before. People who led the way. In our community, we call these people “Legends.”

Community Summit North America 2021 marked a groundbreaking year for reconvening and starting fresh. After the global pandemic changed the way of business for many, it was time to reunite and celebrate. It was a time of gratitude for the challenging yet formative road that brought us to the present. It was also a time to consider those who carved a path for others, contributing countless hours, and forming Dynamic Communities into what it is today.

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