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Optimize Your eCommerce Platform

There’s no denying the rising popularity of eCommerce, the buying and selling of goods and services online. In both B2B and B2C markets, customers appreciate having the option to buy via the platform of their choosing, and having an additional sales channel open 24 hours a day is a major benefit for businesses.

A thriving eCommerce platform, however, inevitably results in challenges with scalability. The more online orders you’re receiving, the more time a tedious manual order entry process will cost you. Duplication of efforts prevents you from being quick to ship, so having disconnected systems that require you to constantly confirm and check information for accuracy makes you less able to compete with major retailers.

eCommerce Challenges

When it comes to operating, maintaining, and ultimately growing your eCommerce platform, an integrated system is essential to your team’s success. The more online orders you receive, the more you’ll realize that manual, repetitive processes will fail to meet your expectations.

Because although a high influx of orders is great news, it also means hours of manual order entry per employee, more opportunities for typos and errors, and a delay that prevents your warehouse team from getting started on picking, packing, and shipping those orders out.

These delays negatively impact your customers as well, who won’t appreciate waiting for days for a shipping confirmation, receiving a late delivery, or dealing with a mis-shipment.

Optimizing Your Process

Introducing, the SalesPad eCommerce integrations: connector tools that bridge the gap between your online store and your software.

With the SalesPad Shopify, Adobe Commerce, and WooCommerce integrations, your customer and order data syncs automatically from your eCommerce platform with SalesPad. That means no more manual order entry taking up hours of your team’s day, no more double- and triple-checking order information, and no more delays in your order fulfillment process.

These eCommerce integrations create a seamless flow of information that breeds efficiency in your day-to-day operations. When you open up SalesPad, you’ll instantly see all your sales for the day, because each integration imports customer and order information directly from your eCommerce store with no extra work on your part. Then, your warehouse staff can immediately get to picking, packing, and shipping.

Without these integrations, you’d only see your orders on your ecommerce platform but not your order management system. This means having to look up the details in SalesPad, creating the customer and order, recording the price of each item, and other tedious tasks that are not the best use of your time.

Grow Your Sales, Not Your Staff

A comprehensive syncing of information not only saves your team time—it also ensures accuracy across the board. Furthermore, manually looking up and recording information is not a scalable process. The more your company expands and the more online orders that come pouring in, the less realistic it is for your team to go without an automated solution.

See massive ROI in the form of reduced labor expenses and fewer returns, while continuing to grow your revenue immensely—and see these changes mere months after implementing our eCommerce solutions.

SalesPad provides the tools your business needs to make your day-to-day processes faster and more efficient, so you can direct your efforts towards more sales and growth.

Our eCommerce Integrations

SalesPad has integrations for three of the top eCommerce platforms: Shopify, Adobe Commerce, and WooCommerce. Each of these integrations is tailored to add the same time-saving value to the platform in question, providing your team with a single source of truth regarding order information.

To see our solutions in action, watch our demos for each, or view our webinar with DynamicWeb on the value of optimizing your omnichannel workflow to drive growth.

“With the sheer number of orders we do on our Shopify website, SalesPad’s Shopify integration is the only way we can maintain accurate inventory. This streamlining of our online orders allows us to better leverage SalesPad’s other features like workflow, purchasing advisor, and sales reporting.”
— Jason Koole, CFO of Howie's Hockey Tape

Finding the right tools to automate tedious tasks while ensuring accurate information is crucial in any operation. SalesPad customer Howie’s Hockey Tape is no different. Jason Koole, CFO, relies on the Shopify integration to manage the company’s hundreds of online orders each day and maintain a fast order-to-cash cycle.

Jason said, “With the sheer number of orders we do on our Shopify website, SalesPad’s Shopify integration is the only way we can maintain accurate inventory. This streamlining of our online orders allows us to better leverage SalesPad’s other features like workflow, purchasing advisor, and sales reporting.” The team at Howie’s Hockey Tape prioritizes efficiency in their eCommerce platform, so they can focus on driving growth instead of cumbersome order entry.

What Cavallo Brings to the Table

The bottom line is this: are the tools and processes you have in place now meeting your needs, falling short, or exceeding your expectations? If your answer is not the latter, you’ll soon grow out of your current solution as you further develop your omnichannel sales. SalesPad eCommerce integrations aren’t just nice to have—they’re necessary for your team to stay on top of orders, see all your data in real-time in one convenient place, and get more orders out faster.

Get in touch to learn more about our Shopify, Adobe Commerce, and WooCommerce integrations, and explore our other solutions with partners to optimize your operation.


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