What Is Microsoft Dynamics for Construction?

From project deadlines to contractor management to material and labor shortages, any given construction project comes with a lot to keep track of. So if you want to thrive in the modern construction industry, your business needs a multifaceted technology solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 to keep up with the hundreds of moving parts involved in today’s projects.

Microsoft Dynamics for construction is a unified business management solution that provides real-time data about valuable assets, resources, workflows, budgetary constraints, and more. Dynamics for construction companies empowers you to run your entire business from a single user-friendly interface. 

As an all-in-one enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 consolidates your resource planning, accounting, and customer relationship management (CRM) software. Dynamics 365 is also cloud-based, allowing for exceptional scalability, versatility, and agility. 

Why Use Microsoft Dynamics for Construction?

Microsoft Dynamics for construction includes various business management modules and tools, including accounting, human resource management, and materials management software. It also includes features and tools purpose-built for the construction industry.

With Dynamics 365, you can replace aging legacy applications and combine all of your business data in a single, secure platform. In the process, you can automate core workflows, reduce the likelihood of errors, and proactively prevent delays.

Increasing visibility and information transparency with Dynamics 365 is guaranteed to support the continued growth of your construction business. 

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics for the Construction Industry

There’s a multitude of software solutions designed for construction businesses, but few offer the same cumulative advantages as Microsoft Dynamics 365. With Dynamics, you’ll experience all of the following benefits and more.

Improve Visibility of Materials, Resources, and Finances

Microsoft Dynamics for construction provides unparalleled insight into your budget, resources, materials, and staff. You can use this improved visibility to complete projects on time, operate within stakeholders’ budgetary constraints, and optimize the allocation of resources for the entire project lifecycle.

Increasing visibility across your company and projects will enable you to optimize resource utilization and achieve a strong ROI on asset investments. These insights will also support your day-to-day operations, allowing you to streamline communication between your leadership team and its stakeholders. 

Consolidate Core Systems

Relying on a network of cobbled-together systems undermines business efficiency and causes client friction. Furthermore, aging legacy software creates data silos and leads to blind spots that impede decision-making.

With Microsoft Dynamics for construction, you can replace multiple applications with a single platform. By consolidating your data and applications, you can facilitate better communication between office staff, field personnel, the leadership team, and customers.

And thanks to Dynamics’ cloud-based architecture, you can access critical business data and applications anywhere. 

Streamline Document Control

Document management and control is a persistent pain point for any construction business. Between blueprints, invoices, permits, and other documents, you can quickly become inundated with paperwork.

Dynamics 365 for construction significantly increases your control over documents. You can digitize and store your essential files in a single, secure location. Most importantly, you and your team can quickly query them within the Dynamics 365 platform.

Increasing document control and accessibility with Dynamics 365 promises to accelerate permitting processes, assist with compliance, and make life easier for everyone.

Access Scalable, Nimble Technologies 

One of the most significant deficiencies of on-premises platforms is their lack of scalability. If your business requires additional data storage capacity or computing resources, you must invest in new servers and hardware. 

Conversely, Microsoft Dynamics for construction is available via the software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model. This allows you to access this scalable, cloud-based solution via an affordable monthly or annual licensing fee. 

Your price is based on the number of users you enroll, the modules you implement, and your data consumption—you pay for what you need and nothing else. If you need to enroll additional users or integrate more modules into your platform, you can do so anytime.

Maximize the Impact of Microsoft Dynamics for Construction with Cavallo

Adding Microsoft Dynamics for construction is a great way to support the growth of your business. However, your team can derive even more value from Dynamics 365 by pairing it with Cavallo’s data-driven solutions designed to improve your bottom line.

If you’re looking for leading robust, flexible tools that will accelerate your decision-making processes and empower you to drive growth in the construction industry, Cavallo is the answer.

To learn more about what you can achieve with Cavallo, reach out to our team or schedule a demo today.