How Serialized Inventory Keeps Your Warehouse in Check

serialized inventory

For any product-based business, running an organized, optimized warehouse is key to successful order management and fulfillment. But knowing what you have, where it’s located, and what it’s worth is easier said than done. So how can you achieve real-time inventory visibility? One of the most beneficial strategies for distributors is implementing serialized inventory. Serialized […]

Using Your Data to Accelerate the Customer-to-Cash Cycle


If you want to maximize your operational efficiency, analyze trends to prepare for the upcoming quarter, and improve your company’s decision-making, you already have everything you need to do just that. The answer is in your data. The reality is that you’re sitting on a gold mine of information—whether you’re utilizing it or not. Every […]

Top 15 Construction ERP Software Solutions

Considering that construction delays and other problems can result in significant increases in cost, you can’t afford not to have a way to better manage your team. Thankfully, there’s an easy answer. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software supports a wide array of construction business processes, including pre-construction planning, financial management, access control, service management, and […]

ERP Software for Manufacturers: Your 15 Top Options

ERP software for manufacturers

Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) represents the pinnacle of digital tools for manufacturing companies. These software systems aid in quality control, provide access to real-time data, streamline inventory management, and empower you to make decisions at the speed of business. Using an ERP platform to manage your manufacturing operations is the most pragmatic way to […]

Microsoft Dynamics for Accounting — What You Need to Know

Microsoft Dynamics for Accounting

Modern businesses have complex needs and processes, especially when it comes to accounting. So if you’re not careful, your finance department could quickly find itself in a state of data sprawl, decentralized information and workflows, and obtuse reporting that’s unreadable by anyone without a degree in finance. But as accounting needs have evolved, so has […]

Coordinating Responsibilities for a Cohesive Distribution Cycle

distribution cycle

Optimizing the Distribution Cycle A well-coordinated distribution cycle plays a pivotal role in achieving both operational success and customer satisfaction. Seasoned executives know that disjointed functional responsibilities create challenges as well as costs. Without clear direction from the top, and open communication from all levels, a company’s distribution cycle cannot thrive. By viewing the cycle […]

7 Examples of ERP Systems (Plus Benefits, Use Cases, and More)

Examples of ERP Systems

Enterprise resource planning systems — or “ERP systems,” as they are often called — are designed to support a broad range of business functions. With the right ERP software solutions, you can access real-time data, streamline core business processes, and elevate organizational productivity.  Perhaps most importantly, ERP software provides you with a single source of […]

Inventory Visibility: What It Is and How to Achieve It

inventory visibility

For those trying to keep their operation running smoothly, maintain timely order fulfillment, and keep customer satisfaction high, inventory visibility and inventory management go hand-in-hand. Without a clear understanding of what products you have available and what stage of the order-to-cash cycle they’re in, you’re left with a lot of question marks when customers or […]

Elevate the Customer Experience with Microsoft Dynamics for Retail

microsoft dynamics for retail

The eCommerce industry is booming and shows no signs of slowing down. Today’s consumers buy a wide variety of products online, from one-use consumer packaged goods (CPGs) to big-ticket items like electronics, appliances, and more. While there are plenty of opportunities to grow your digital-first business, there is also more competition than ever before. How can […]

Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing: A Strategic Guide

microsoft dynamics for manufacturing

Process automation. Data analysis. Machine learning. Manufacturing businesses are going through a seismic shift in 2023. But without the right tools to empower your digital transformation, you run at the risk of falling behind. Microsoft Dynamics 365, a suite of intelligent business applications designed for Industry 4.0, is helping manufacturers navigate the complexities of this […]