Credit Card Processing for Business Central

Perform simple and secure collections with integrated credit card processing. Save time with automatic payments and quick access to transaction history.

Secure your transactional tool kit.

Processing customer payments should be easy, secure, and repeatable. With Cavallo’s Credit Card Processing, it can be. Our credit card processing module integrates directly with Nodus, so your organization can securely accept credit card payments in person and online. Nodus PayFabric is PCI Level 1 compliant, enabling merchants to secure their customers’ payment data at the point of entry, in transit, and at storage. 

Use the Credit Card Processing module to easily create new customer wallets, take payments on documents, and automate authorizations, captures, and sales. Users can access transaction history for any customer and save payment information for faster future transactions.

This module extends users’ selling capabilities to include all of their credit card processing needs, including EMV, card-not-present, cash receipt transactions, and more. With Credit Card Processing, you’ll experience these benefits:

  • Payment automation
  • Security
  • Easy access to transaction history
  • Rapid implementation

Integrated Payment Processing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

You’ll experience completely secure payment processing thanks to our integration with Nodus PayFabric. Easily manage customer credit cards right from the customer’s wallet, without storing any of the card information. Automate transactions by setting default cards for your customers. Eliminate the mundane tasks of collections with our Credit Card Processing module.


Expand your BC toolkit

Combine Credit Card Processing with our Order Management Dashboard, Order Management Workflow, and Order Entry solutions. Department leaders, sales representatives, and CSRs will gain end-to-end visibility into every document in the system. With Cavallo’s Order Management solutions, nothing slips through the cracks.

Credit Card Processing is available on Microsoft AppSource.

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