Profit scan for business central

Maximize your profitability and ensure you’re making money on every single order by instantly identifying and capturing orders with low margins.

Detect tens of thousands of low-margin orders in seconds

Bad orders are slipping through the cracks and eating into your profits. Find them and stop them before they are fully processed with Cavallo® Profit Scan.

This FREE app is a game-changing proactive measure for distributors working in Business Central looking to reach their absolute margin potential: the amount of money you’d be making if you avoided all unnecessary profit losses and achieved maximum order throughput.

Whether the cause is over-discounting, unexpected cost increases, or any number of issues, profit-leaking orders contribute to low margins. And worse still, they’re virtually impossible to detect at scale.

Distributors running Profit Scan will immediately capture every low-margin quote and order and present them to a business leader for review and resolution, ensuring they profit on every single order.

  • Gain 100% visibility of problematic quotes & orders
  • Control profitability at the order level
  • Stop losing money from low-margin orders

Bolster your bottom line with a powerful, user-friendly solution that provides insight into where margin can be improved. With Profit Scan in your corner, get a clear view of existing problems and take immediate action to maximize order profitability.

Now available on Microsoft AppSource for FREE!

Profit Scan Screen for Business Central

Expand your BC toolkit
Combine Profit Scan with Mission Control, Custom Fields, and Credit Card Processing solutions. Department leaders, sales representatives, and CSRs will gain end-to-end visibility into every document,

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Who makes Profit Scan?
At Cavallo, we’re obsessed with one thing: Making our customers’ businesses as profitable and efficient as possible. After working with distributors for several decades, we’ve seen them struggle with razor-thin margins and designed Profit Scan to help them meet their full margin potential.

Is Profit Scan really free?
Yes, Profit Scan is 100% free, with the option to upgrade to a paid version that offers additional features such as advanced dashboard actions and calculated fields.

Is Profit Scan hard to install?
Not at all! Profit Scan is available for download from Microsoft AppSource and installs in minutes, with a simple guided setup.

Do you offer Profit Scan for platforms besides Business Central?
Right now, Profit Scan is available exclusively for Dynamics 365 Business Central. In the future, we plan to integrate with additional ERPs as well.