Maximize margin at the order level

Reach unprecedented levels of profitability and ensure every single order you process is making you money wih Cavallo® Mission Control.

Turn operational chaos into complete control.

Cavallo® Mission Control is a robust, no-code workflow engine that combines with an intuitive, customizable dashboard, allowing you to control profitability at the order level.

Maximize the profitability of every individual order and increase your order throughput exponentially, while proactively fixing leaks via advanced business rules.

Quickly and easily build tailored, fully automated processes that rapidly route and move your orders through queues. Ensure that no unprofitable orders slip through the cracks by implementing business rules like margin checks to keep revenue high. Empower your CSRs, order takers, and other stakeholders to track and manage document flows, without ever leaving Business Central.

Keep orders flowing smoothly, boost your team’s productivity, and see a dramatic reduction in errors by automating order fulfillment processes.

Now available on Microsoft AppSource.

Mission Control for Business Central Software

Expand your BC toolkit
Combine Mission Control with our Custom Fields and Credit Card Processing solutions. Department leaders, sales representatives, and CSRs will gain end-to-end visibility into every document,

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For Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC

Revamp your morning routine with Cavallo Mission Control – a must for every Business Central user focused on maximizing profits.

What can you achieve

  • Increase gross margin
  • Find and fix bottlenecks
  • Reduce manual work and errors
  • Accelerate order throughput
  • Scale transaction volume without adding costs or resources
  • Absolute margin control at the order level

Key features

  • Robust automation of invoice generation, inventory allocation, purchase orders, and more.
  • Intelligent business rules such as margin checks, AR balance checks, and document validation.
  • Instant visibility into order status
  • Fast implementation for rapid time-to-value


  • Shipping
  • Allocation of inventory
  • Backorder pathing
  • Sending email reports
  • Order deposit rules
  • Capturing payments
  • Margin checks

The level of customization of Cavallo’s workflows means you’re getting the exact functionality your business needs. Users have a much better understanding of how to put workflows together instead of relying on an expert within the ERP.

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